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The test strips for my former meter are $64 for 50. Sometimes I just don't test; I can get away with that because I don't use insulin.

Kroger (King Soopers in Colorado) has partnered with Wave Sense to sell a cheap meter (most meters are cheap anyway); the test strips are $34 for 100. I test a little more now.

Not a startup type disruption. The pharmacist told me Kroger just wanted to help out.

I'm imagining a $100 device that instead of using any supplies like strips or needles, maybe uses a ultrasonic pulse as a micro-drill to extract a molecular sized droplet of blood to test.

Then it would clean itself using the same ultrasonic pulse emitter.

Or maybe forgo the whole blood deal and somehow use saliva.

It should be possible with saliva but the conditions are finicky. You have to make sure you're reasonably hydrated, but haven't eaten or drank anything in the last 10 minutes, etc.

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