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> I've read about the iBGStar a few times, but I really can't understand why they use the 30 pin connector instead of bluetooth. It seems unnecessarily limiting

Not to mention the fact that many diabetics need to check their blood sugar several times a day, which could introduce a lot of wear and tear on both the glucometer and the iPhone.

I remember when these machines cost several hundred dollars, were difficult to calibrate, and about the size of a netbook, but most glucometers these days are small and can be purchased for as little as $10.

The ability to record and track blood glucose levers over time is a "nice to have" feature, but this data could also easily be stored on the device and transferred to a computer later via a bluetooth or mini-USB connection.

We've found the real time nature of transfer is very helpful. For instance, now doctors don't need to waste time downloading a meter, they just look at their patient's phone. A small technical difference, but makes a huge difference in the way the tool is used.

I'm not so sure about this one. Doctors generally need the BG records to be appended to the patient's ongoing records, so they can spot both macro- and micro-trends.

I doubt many endocrinologists would decide to forego capturing the data because, "Oh, hey look, you've got a cool iPhone app."

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