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This is what I've wanted for a while. I don't remember to carry my diabetes notebook everywhere, so I've been using these iphone apps for storing the measurements. It's still kind of clunky and I haven't found any apps with good UI and ability to export the result in a way I don't have to spend time in a spreadsheet program.


Depending on your location you can get one now: http://www.boots.com/en/iBGStar-blood-glucose-meter_1253400/

Reading the comments, it seems hard to find test strips for the meter.

When living in Europe, you get the strips for free from the government. I have to consult my doctor on Monday if it's possible to get the strips here in Germany.

It is definitely available in Germany, and most of Europe, I can't speak to the specifics about how to get strips, but perhaps this will help: http://www.bgstar.de/ibgstar

My wife had some kind of proto version of this. No iPhone connection, but the glucose meter could save a few measurements (around 50 I think) and they were then transferred via Bluetooth to a 3G enabled box that uploaded the measurements to a server.

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