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How many newspapers have an API? (nytimes.com)
26 points by iamelgringo on Dec 28, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I've just been impressed with what the Times has been doing with the web recently. They seem to get it. So many newspapers are going the way of the Auk, it's nice to see the Times start to offer some compelling offerings to developers.

Newspapers have an immense amount of long tail content, but most of them don't have a clue that their old content is valuable. I'm excited to see that the Times is starting offer API's to let developers play with some of that long tail content.

The movie reviews API is really just a start. They also have a tags API, and they say that they're working on a search API on this page: http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/timestags_api

About as many as will be around in 20 years...

Does rss count as an api?

IMO yes if they can offer different parameters for search keywords etc. (like Twitter's search RSS/Atom feed allows search parameters)

Newspapers, have read about a few sometime ago. Associated Press offers one (feeds).

But the best choice would be to go for Daylife's API. http://developer.daylife.com

They index news sources including blogs and newspapers and other sites. You can refine the sources by the sourceIDs and hence select only newspapers for your API results.

Good luck!

That's exactly what I was thinking... Since it's all GET, a properly implemented RSS/Atom feed could go a long way towards a newspaper API, and might even be a better solution in some ways - no extra code to develop/maintain, no API key requirement, little need for documentation etc.

If you work at a newspaper, any XML output of any kind is called an API and spoken of as equivalent to, say, the Amazon Associates API.

I work for Daylife and any newspaper or blogger can have an API for their own content using our API platform, as long as they are in our index (http://developer.daylife.com). The API interface is scalable, very malleable and flexible to use letting you ask almost 400+ questions through the interface.

A sample Nytimes API can look as simple as this - http://nytimes.enterpriseapi.daylife.com/articles/obama

Vineet at daylife dot com

If you click your back button when you're on the documentation page (not the loading page), you'll send yourself into an infinite loop with their login system. Heh.

Compared to the blundering idiocy that's rampant in the traditional media -- including attempting to sue people for linking to their stories! -- the NYTimes crew are operating at genius-level. It's really refreshing to see someone get it, especially considering how vital print newsrooms are.

At least one other: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/inside/authors/matt_mcalister/in...

(although theirs seems to have no published APIs or documentation that I can find, yet)

The API metric is missing from this, otherwise excellent, chart:


Title doesn't match the content.

And here I thought it'd be about news. But no, movie reviews.

Give me a news API and then we'll talk, NYTimes.

Additionally, the terms you retrieve with the TimesTags API can be used with the Times Article Search API (currently in development).

It's coming. I took the above quote from here: http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/timestags_api

and you can't actually pull the reviews - only a snippet, and then link to them. and their whole api is crippled by a non commercial use clause. looks great on paper, but the NYT has been very timid in their implementation.

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