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My Experiences With Modafinil (sebastianmarshall.com)
7 points by lionhearted on June 14, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Am I the only one who thinks that self medication is a stupid idea ? I mean if you play with your own brain you can't really be able to made objective "observations".

My conclusion, don't do it unless you need it!

> Am I the only one who thinks that self medication is a stupid idea ?

Actually, it's a really common position. I used to be extremely conservative about all medicine. One day, I just changed position and figured, "My basic natural-born configuration isn't sacred; 'I' am a product of my internal but also lots of external factors; I can shape both internal and external factors, including nutrition, media, supplements, medicines, technology, culture, location, etc." And after that, a lot of things changed for me. But, I fully understand the position since I used to share it, and I think there's something to it.

Vigorous physical exercise, time in nature, proper hydration, and a clean diet does more for performance and clarity of thought than any medicines or supplements I've found anyways.

I think that's scary too, but it's probably some laziness on doing my own research. Besides, it's a cultural thing, outsourcing our health to physicians, so most of us aren't used to do it by ourselves.

It's like calling private methods on a class ;) Not easily accessible but once you figure out how to do it you can accomplish certain feats that may have seemed impossible beforehand. Alas, with great power comes great responsibility. Ever seen Limitless?

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