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By what mechanism? Capturing and stripping the glucose before it's digested naturally? Seems a bit roundabout since the weight we want to lose (primarily fat) is really just an energy store in the body in the first place.

An artificial means of controlling blood sugar would alleviate the insulin cycle and prevent the body from storing blood sugar as fat.

Or you could just quit eating so much sugar and other carbohydrates and do the same thing.

There is no actual need for dietary carbohydrates.

Why don't you quit reading Hacker News? There's no need for it. In fact, there's no need for using the Internet at all. Hell, why are you even on a computer? All you really need is a warm fur coat and a hatchet. What are you, some kind of hedonist?

That only works if your extra calories come from glucose intake. It wouldn't help for complex carbs, fat, or protein.

Your extra calories always wind up as glucose in your blood sugar.

Not true AFAIRC. Lipids are absorbed as lipids (fatty acids), proteins as amino acids. Aminos can be broken down into sugar, though.

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