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Kytephone (YC W12) Turns Android Phones Into Kid-Safe Devices (techcrunch.com)
40 points by martythemaniak on June 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

We wonder why kids aren't interested in computers, and then we spend tons of time and energy keeping them from doing anything interesting with them. If they see technology as something designed to let adults eavesdrop into every corner of their lives of course it becomes something to be avoided, rather than experimented with.

I hope some kid installs this on their parent's phone.

I couldn't disagree more, Kytephone is about enabling kids to get technology they otherwise would not have. Fact is, parents have the right raise their kids the way they see fit, which includes teaching their kids responsible use of technology.

Since current solutions are so lackluster, this means kids either get dumbphones or no phone at all, which is hardly a better outcome than a real smartphone with some parental controls.

I'm not at all convinced of your claim that children aren't already getting smart phones. As far as I can see they are, and at a rapidly increasing rate.

There's a difference between interfering with how a parent raises their kid and disapproving of how a parent raises their kid...

If I had a kid, I'd definitely get it. Just knowing that my kid reached school safely and no weird creeps are calling my kid is priceless.

Edit: This just proves why parents should know what's going on: http://www.channel4.com/news/should-you-let-your-child-play-...

That doesn't sound like a particularly good way of teaching a kid personal responsibility and how to look after themselves. I'd get my theoretical child an Android phone and teach them how to root it.

What's good and bad is pretty subjective :) To each his/her own.

And it's not like I'm controlling him/her. I just want to know for my own sake - if they need to contact me, they can. If they are safe, I know.

Disney Launched an MVNO on sprint network 5/6 years back which has all of the features mentioned in the article and more (Parents can set allowances for kids to more content) and failed simply because there was no market for it (at the time).

I think this app coupled together with a rugged kid-proof case would be a knockout combo.

Does anyone know what the future business model is? Pro version? OEM pre-load?

We are planning to provide premium accounts with advanced parental controls.

Cool, once you gain traction, I would definitely explore partnering with an OEM to get your application preloaded and work out some kind of deal that way. I think it would be a hit.

Would be more interested in senior/visually impaired solutions.

Last time i checked 3yrl olds didn't have any problem playing games on any they could grasp.

Yet, a cataract eye can't even answer a call on modern phones

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