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And a new Airport Express that no longer plugs directly into the wall. https://www.apple.com/wifi/

...that has dual wired ports. This is a good thing.

Though I agree that it's good (awesome, even), it should be noted that only one of those ports is a LAN port. The other is WAN only.

If this works like the old AirPort Express, shouldn't you be able to turn the WAN port into LAN for a WAN-to-LAN bridge of sort? I used to do that to connect device without Wireless in another floor, it was pretty handy.

Also, no more "5 users limit" BS. This is nice.

That's pretty typical for Apple stuff, though. Although, if I remember right, you can set Apple stuff up as just bridged. I also find it interesting that there's now an iOS app for setting up their APs. That fixes a big gap for some people. I'm just hoping that IPv6 support comes back soon...

You can still use IPv6 when you install the old Airport utility.

They fixed IPv6 support today or in the past couple days.

You should be able to plug it into the wall with the old one's removable international plug if that helps.

I use those international plug adapters for lots of stuff, most notably Canon battery chargers. From a power board, it's much neater than cables.

Looks like a white Apple TV.

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