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Apple quietly announces new Mac Pros (apple.com)
43 points by joejohnson 1872 days ago | hide | past | web | 35 comments | favorite

I suspect the reason that they did this quietly was that these are not new Mac Pros at all. Rather, they are same as the "Mid 2010" models they replaced, with minor bumps to the CPUs and memory. They continue to use the same generation CPUs that were available in 2010 (and same chipset, I presume), despite the fact that newer generation Sandy Bridge CPUs have been available for months now.

IMHO, the RAM bump wasn't even that good -- the base config now includes only 6GB, which is still laughable for a professional machine costing $2500.

Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

The CPU offered in the lowest Mac Pro today is the W3565, a "Bloomfield" model, based on Nehalim-B. For the record, that is now three generations behind, being behind the W36XX "Westmere"/Nehalim-C Xeon chips, the Sandy Bridge Xeon E3/E5, and the Ivy Bridge Xeon E3. A quick Googling cannot give me when the Ivy Bridge E5s are due out, but probably not soon.

EDIT: Apple does offer "Westmere" Xeons, but only as 6-core CPUs, which when looking at the website, is all but the cheapest option.

That is all true! Thanks for the clarification.

I believe the Ivy Bridge E5s aren't due until early 2013 at the earliest.

This situation sounds awfully familiar.

I remember in 2010 writing about how it was quite possibly the worst time to buy a Macbook Pro because they don't change the price even though the hardware was extremely old[1]. Then I did a followup story[2] when they updated the hardware and the internals were still not up to par for comparable machines.

I always thought it odd that they don't discount their outdated machines. Buying a MacBook Pro last week was a raw deal. Apple sells hardware that is two years old at higher-than-competing-modern-machine prices, but people buy them, so they must be "good enough" or enjoyable in some other aspect.

[1] http://simonsarris.com/blog/19-mac-envy

[2] http://simonsarris.com/blog/22-mac-envy-2

8GB of 1066 DDR3 was $400 from Apple until just recently. I laughed so loud in the office when I saw that on their website.

It's still ridiculously overpriced, just less so. ($975 to upgrade from 6GB to 32GB???)

Looks like time for a Hackintosh. I wonder what the best platform for an E5-based hackintosh would be. Like, pretend you want more than 16GB (or 32GB maybe) of RAM, in something vaguely current, and ideally with ECC.

Here's a forum thread posted by someone who's using a Supermicro Intel C606-based board with dual xeon E5s and 128GB of memory:


Looks like they had trouble getting the network functional, but everything else worked fine.

32GB of ECC ram compatible with a motherboard like that would only run you $300:


Apple charges $975 for an upgrade from 6GB to 32GB. Highway robbery.

And a new Airport Express that no longer plugs directly into the wall. https://www.apple.com/wifi/

...that has dual wired ports. This is a good thing.

Though I agree that it's good (awesome, even), it should be noted that only one of those ports is a LAN port. The other is WAN only.

If this works like the old AirPort Express, shouldn't you be able to turn the WAN port into LAN for a WAN-to-LAN bridge of sort? I used to do that to connect device without Wireless in another floor, it was pretty handy.

Also, no more "5 users limit" BS. This is nice.

That's pretty typical for Apple stuff, though. Although, if I remember right, you can set Apple stuff up as just bridged. I also find it interesting that there's now an iOS app for setting up their APs. That fixes a big gap for some people. I'm just hoping that IPv6 support comes back soon...

You can still use IPv6 when you install the old Airport utility.

They fixed IPv6 support today or in the past couple days.

You should be able to plug it into the wall with the old one's removable international plug if that helps.

I use those international plug adapters for lots of stuff, most notably Canon battery chargers. From a power board, it's much neater than cables.

Looks like a white Apple TV.

I was hoping for new Mac Pro's this WWDC. These look to simply get a processor upgrade. No Thunderbolt.

Also no USB 3, and no Bluetooth 4.0, which means, they didn't design a new motherboard.

Which, in turn, says rather loudly to me that the Mac Pro is not a high priority for Apple right now.

According to David Pogue Apple will have a new Mac Pro, possibly in 2013: http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/11/an-explanation-of-...

Their laptop line has been competitive enough in pricing that I'm willing to spend for the ergonomics - I don't expect a powerhouse machine as a portable. (My last 3 laptops have been either MB Pro or MB Air)

But where's the benefit - and who's the customer - for a desktop machine at these prices? Unless you absolutely need OS X with a higher powered machine, why not just use Ubuntu in that desktop / server application?

Again, no Nvidia CUDA support for scientific computing. Not even faster ATI cards... I think my next workstation is going to be Linux on Dell or HP.

They have been heavily involved in OpenCL for a while though, which is not tied to any specific graphics card manufacturer, or graphics cards specifically. There are some pretty nice OpenCL tutorials here btw: http://www.macresearch.org/opencl

True, but they don't offer a machine that can run OpenCL well. On my current Mac Pro (6-Core Xeon 3.33Ghz) the CPU runs most of my codes at the same speed as the ATI Radeon 5870. An ATI 7970 would have been a nice (minimal) addition but I really want support for an NVidia Tesla c2070 so I can develop CUDA codes to run on Amazon EC2.

I haven't been able to determine - did their iMac line get anything? They all seem the same...

http://www.apple.com/imac/specs.html http://web.archive.org/web/20110719193344/http://www.apple.c...

Everything that was refreshed is tagged "new" on the main store page at http://store.apple.com/us . So no :)

According to arstechnica, there's a more serious update that's being worked on by Apple: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/06/mac-pro-gets-minor-upda...

I'm pretty sure I was able to get one of these yesterday. Or did they just rev the specs?

For anyone who's interested I will be purchasing $1500 worth of hardware from newegg, assembling PC's, and selling them for only a 100% markup. And oh yeah, they'll be more powerful than this load of crap they want to sell you.

quietly? how's that quiet if they sold out 8000 tickets for their "quiet announcement" and it was covered by the tech blogs and their uncles?

It's quiet because the Mac Pro upgrade was not announced in their big announcement, but only with a little "New" sign on their webstore after the show.

They didn't announce it at the keynote. They just updated their site with the new specs.

I believe they didn't actually announce it at WWDC, also they only changed the processor from 2.8Ghz to 3.2Ghz.

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