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geon 676 days ago | link | parent

>> Personally I'm on call 24/7.

> Except when you're sleeping?

24/7 is by definition when you're sleeping. As in "call me when I'm asleep, and I'll get up and take care of your emergency".

Evernoob 676 days ago | link

No vacations? Family time? Socialising? You never drink? Ever??


bad_user 676 days ago | link

I'm the one that made that comment. I do take lots of vacations and have a really healthy life outside of work. And I sleep well at night too.

But I always have a 3G-enabled phone near me and I always keep a laptop around. I also have monitoring in place that alerts me in case shit happens before my managers even notice.

This is not about being available 24/7, but about being available when needed. That's in case of emergencies, which by definition are exceptional.

Also, if your customers are suffering because of a problem, good customer service means waking up and fixing the problem at 00:00, regardless of your location.


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