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>> Personally I'm on call 24/7.

> Except when you're sleeping?

24/7 is by definition when you're sleeping. As in "call me when I'm asleep, and I'll get up and take care of your emergency".

No vacations? Family time? Socialising? You never drink? Ever??

I'm the one that made that comment. I do take lots of vacations and have a really healthy life outside of work. And I sleep well at night too.

But I always have a 3G-enabled phone near me and I always keep a laptop around. I also have monitoring in place that alerts me in case shit happens before my managers even notice.

This is not about being available 24/7, but about being available when needed. That's in case of emergencies, which by definition are exceptional.

Also, if your customers are suffering because of a problem, good customer service means waking up and fixing the problem at 00:00, regardless of your location.

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