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The point was much more specific. He's saying the guy worked slowly, and everything he did took 2x the expected time.

If his rate was $100, it's really now $200. If $200, now $400. (For comparison with another remote worker who works at full speed.)

the actual rate (high or low) wasn't really the point. It wasn't a statement of whether it's expensive or cheap, just an observation that someone who works at $30 "twice as slow" (i.e. half expected speed) is equal - in terms of $/feature - to someone works at $60 at full speed on a like basis - even if that basis is also remote.

(Also, even though $/feature is the same between the two, it's worth bearing in mind that the cheaper guy still takes twice as many days.)

Exactly. In fact they are worse instead of "equal" because although you pay the same financially you're waiting for your product for twice as long.

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