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This is really similar to the story that Ruben Gamez tells in his mixergy interview about Bidsketch. He started off building it in Grails (IIRC) but later switched to outsourcing to a Ruby dev.

He was then able to focus completely on the marketing side of things.

I think that one of the biggest problems that developers have when launching a business/product is that we know how to code, so we assume we should do everything.

I see this repeatedly with friends of mine who have an app idea or an idea for a website that they could get made for a couple of grand but insist they need to learn to do it themselves even if they're not already app/web developers.

People that can't code lament it - they look for technical co-founders and whatnot but the stories I hear from non-technical (and technical!) folks who either choose to (in the case of techies) or are forced to (in the case of non-techies) outsource development they generally get something released at all where as many of the technical people that I know personally are paralysed by the initial time investment required to learn a new technology and being unable to balance that with their full time job elsewhere.

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