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I've hung out with him in person. He is a nice guy in real life, though very opinionated and with an overdeveloped sense of justice. He believes strongly in being nice to people who are nice to him and the converse.

Anyone can be nice to people who treat you nicely. It's not exactly difficult.

Character is how you deal with people who aren't nice.

Character is how you deal with people who aren't nice.

It's amazing to me how many people have still not come to terms with that truth. It's written in the oldest books in the world. I think it's particularly apt for the Internet age when conversations with strangers happen regularly.

I agree with you.

My point is just that there _is_ a drastic difference between Zed-in-person and Zed-online.

The last time I saw Zed in person was a bit tense, because he had threatened to hunt down my friend Kevin Clark and start a physical fight with him.

He came into a lightning-talk session at railsconf, cut in line to talk about his next project (Utu), and then left without listening to any other talks.

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