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> Because blogging and marketing is so very tough?

I agree with the rest of your comment, to an extent, but I strongly disagree with this line.

The act of blogging is easy, sure - it's just typing. The act of marketing, or at least some subset of it, can be easy, I'm sure. Doing these things effectively, so that they actually drive business, is hard.

Dismissing blogging and marketing by sarcastically saying they're "so very tough" is the same sort of bullshit that we get pissed off about when people say "I have this great idea for a website/app, all I need is a coder!"

You're dismissing an entire profession without regard for the hard work that those in that profession put into their jobs.

I see your points here and understand your frustration. Marketing / blogging are still important to the success of a project.

Though in order of importance, I feel it's behind the actual codebase. For the author to suggest that it's okay to outsource development to have more time doing marketing and blogging when he refer's to himself as a developer is just plain ridiculous.

I didn't say I didn't understand your point. I get where you're coming from, and I don't necessarily disagree. I just didn't like the sarcastic dismissal of an entire profession.

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