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I miss the old IndieHackers website, so I started an alternative (skool.com)
48 points by contctlink 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I would love something like this if it where completely free of visual distractions. Purely text based like HN.

Using HN is kind of giving me a nice "easy time" without colors, images or animations. Using a site that has a lot of visually "loud" elements takes away energy from me.

Another aspect that would be nice is if everybody would announce the city they are in, so people could come together for local "builder meetups".

An appearance oriented design does not really care about visual distraction and hence usability, that's just secondary or lower.

It would really help if this post explained what is wrong with IndieHackers?

Not sure what to make of this without context.

I wrote this about it two years ago:

"I agree in that IH is not a Ponzi scheme however it is a really big marketing channel for a lot of people and that means that this place is not full of advice so much as it is advertisements. And I think that is some peoples main complaint. I came here with the idea that this was creators giving advice and sharing experiences but the more I'm here the less I believe that to be the case.

I could be really mean and say something like "people who can't do, teach" but I don't know that I believe that. I think it's people starting companies, hitting road blocks and then trying to monetize their solution to those road blocks. Or people who want to be their own boss but then not having a clear idea for a business, so they try to solve the problems that they're seeing here. I don't know. Could be any of the above or a million different other reasons. End result is the same. And none of them are bad, I should clarify.

I think I may come across as more negative than I actually am. I think it's fine for people to come here and try to advertise their businesses. It's a good place to get initial feedback from people who (hopefully) have experience going from 0 to 1. And it certainly helped me get off the ground with my company, and the response here gave me a massive confidence boost as this was the first place I told about it.

It's just that when you aren't a beginner any more, when you've actually started, this place becomes a bit less relevant and that's a shame."

Not sure what it "used" to be like, but I just had a gander and it seems to be filled with the same type of low-quality startup/founder content you'll find on LinkedIn

It used to be like "Ask HN" threads on HN - random experts would chime in, obvious self-promo would get nuked, and you'd actually learn something at the end of the day.

It used to be a lot better and less spammy a few years ago. It reminds me of Product Hunt now, pure self-promotion.

What is Skool? Is Skool the thing that you built? Or is it just a forum? I don't understand what I am looking at sorry


ok for everyone else:

skool seems like a community forum, where everyone can create their own community, sort of like reddit (?), except the top communities all seems a little... scammy and off


IndieHackers was some forum for ... indie hackers. That closed.

This is someone opening a new forum on skool that is named IndieHackers, but is otherwise un-affiliated with the old indiehackers.

Skool is backed by notorious scammer Alex Hormozi (who built his entire brand on lying about being worth 100 million). This is that part of the internet where people like Tai Lopez used to inhabit back in the day.

I don't follow e-girls so I don't know Alex Hormozi but yeah it seems like that.

The whole site seems very... off to me. The basic functionality makes sense (have a forum with paid component, sort of like substack merged with reddit? ok); but all the top communities look like borderline scam/mlm

Why did you put it on skool?

nice was just trying the old one. I was very confused how to build cred and be able to post.

oh i get it now:

     Participate in the community by making thoughtful and effortful comments.

    Every day, moderators look for people with a pattern of contributing authentically.

    If chosen, we'll grant you lifelong access to special privileges on Indie Hackers!

Keep going Xavier! Not sure about the use ok Skool, but good enough for an mvp :)

Putting it on skool is like the opposite of what hackers want.

Skool is filled with a huge number of scammers and is also run by blatant scammers like Alex Hormozi, a new Tai Lopez.

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