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Very clever post, but this is little more than very well crafted marketing material. This IS his marketing effort, and for some reason I'd be surprised if he didn't use outsourced labor to build his outsourcing site.

He wants this arrangement to be successful, and he's going to blog about its success whether or not the code is any good at all.

I have developed an outsourcing marketplace because I found a "niche" where I think I can add value, I am a mix of an entrepreneur and traveller, this helps me understand why people in other countries can be very talented and yet very cheap. I believe entrepeneurs misjudge outsourcing and my mission is to help educate them on this topic. It is only normal that I write blog posts about outsourcing.

I am not expecting to get rich overnight by being #2 on Hacker News.

Did you get any value out of this article?

I hadn't seen that initially, but I agree that makes it seem a bit suspicious. A testimonial to the benefits of outsourcing by someone running an site advertising "frictionless outsourcing" is not exactly a disinterested analysis; sort of like a whitepaper on outsourcing from Accenture. Doesn't mean it's wrong, but does, I agree, mean that he probably intended the writeup to be positive, even before starting.

What do you think of the founder of Visual Website Optimizer when he writes awesome articles about A/B testing or from the founder of GitHub when he writes about how software development is done at GitHub.

The books "Getting Real" from 37Signals and "Crush It" from Gary speaks about the benefits of educating your customers. I believe it is a great way to market without feeling like a spammer.

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