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I can see why this wouldn't directly apply to most people:

1) Most bootstrappers don't have the money to pay someone else full time.

2) Most bootstrappers don't have enough experience to know what to build themselves, much less be able to communicate to someone else to do it.

3) Most developers without years of experience are overconfident in their ability to communicate and manage people.

Glad it has worked for this guy, though.

1) Yes you are correct, I am lucky that I keep my expenses low and that I can charge a good rate to my clients. But as it has been pointed out many times, consulting while bootstrapping is a big distraction. But for me, it is also a way to socialize and stay sane by reminding me that I am still an able developer even when my startup is not doing great.

3) Yes, this is something that you learn overtime. Start small, start now :) I have written this article that presents a way to start outsourcing for a lower cost than development : http://47hats.com/2011/07/outsourcing-101-for-startup-founde...

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