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A Brand-New Electric Bus, No Charge (nytimes.com)
19 points by ilamont 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Recycling; if this bus lasts the 23 years the last one did, then the local bus recycler (to sheds) is most likely going to be retired.

- It's likely to last longer; brushless electric motors, single speed transmission, no torque converter / clutch, no oil changes, regenerative braking, no rpm range.

- The components of a modern EV are typically more valuable that the comparable gas engine; If the local recycler is saving parts, it's likely to rebuild other similar engines; meaning, the same argument would apply to any more efficient engine.

----- other notes ----

Noise. The bus driver doesn't like honking, but if the parents/kids need to hear the sound of a diesel, a subwoofer that can make the dbs of diesel engine isn't very expensive to add, neither is an mp3 player and recording a diesel engine.

Cold; they're afraid of something with no data, for a use case that generally doesn't apply.


That's what I read when I see complaints about wind turbines not being recyclable;

The ignorance to ignore nearly a century of coal ash in unlined ponds (and lined ponds aren't perfect) contaminating groundwater must be blissful.

Between that and fiberglass boat shells that end up in landfills that nobody really cared about the last 50 years.

And here's betting, like most municipalities in the US, they're complaining about the waste in landfills without a serious household composting, cardboard + aluminum recycling. - Nebraska recycling and compost appears mostly commercial, and the city only has a contact for household waste - https://nrcne.org/where-do-you-recycle/

> While the district was waiting, winter arrived, and a cold snap left the diesel buses that were parked outside the school all night difficult to start. That problem made Mr. Zimmerman think of the new electric bus. Didn’t he read somewhere that E.V. batteries can struggle in cold weather?

The status quo would be improved at worst; Maybe the range would be decreased from 120 miles, but at least it would be easy to start (without someone having to add de-gel to the fuel)

A school so small that the football team has to play eight person football, but not so small that they couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and say, “didn’t I read something something on Brietbart about…”. I mean, it’s fair to ask a few questions, but at some point I would think one of those questions would be, “is that so bad in comparison to spending $120K on a new diesel?” The school graduated 27 students last year, I don’t think there’s a lot of room for letting your political identity dictate how the kids get to school.

OTOH, however, the bus gets delivered and right out of the box it won’t charge? And has to be shipped back to Colorado for fixing? JFC, why don’t you just hand your opponents the ammo they need with a bow on top, and a gift card for their next ammo purchase?

And to dig in, $120k is 9x the income per capita in Wymore.

I'm from one of these small communities and... yeah... it's bad.

A major issue is up until somewhat recently, the only form of media really available is conservative talk show propaganda.

I don't think people from larger cities understand what it's like to have 10 radio stations. 2 music, 2 for sports, 3 for religion, and 3 for conservative talk (with the relgious stations often being nothing more than conservative talk).

Quiet literally, the most progressive station available is NPR and often the most progressive TV channel is PBS.

Is it any wonder why rural America got swallowed up into a conservative media bubble? Old farmer joe's entertainment while plowing the field was an FM/AM radio for the longest time.

One good thing about the prevalence of the Internet and smartphones is now these farmers have access to a much wider media diet. The bad news is many of them have spent literally decades listening to the likes of Rush.

> Around town, some people teased him that his E.V. battery eventually would stop holding a charge, just like battery-powered hand tools do.

I wish the journalist dug into this more; NiCd and NiMH battery powered tools were abysmal for life; ~3 years of home projects and trying to defeat memory effects were a huge problem in the early 2000s. But these days, lithium ion tool sets are more versatile (all upgraded to 20v, versus 12v had been a norm NiCD) but now they're lasting 10 years, assuming you don't leave them off of the charger when they're dead.

> This past March, the new bus finally made its debut. School officials had already agreed on a way to allay everyone’s concerns. It wouldn’t drive beyond the edge of town.

What a waste of federal tax payer dollars; Because of fear, not actual experience, their most efficient bus is handicapped.

The Blue Bird "Vision Electric" school bus specifications are here:


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