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Samsung Electronics union launches first strike in 55-year history (koreatimes.co.kr)
45 points by croes 8 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

This is the part of the company that makes semiconductors. The union represents 24% of the workforce.

> Since January, the union has been pressing management for… …fulfillment of promises regarding paid leave

Burying the lede a little, no?

Has cost of living gone up in SK like it has in the west?

nah. their inflation "jumped" from 2 to 5pct.

Samsung should be broken up. Don't they make up 20% of the entire economy of south korea?

About 5 Chaebols own Korea including the literal president at one point, and they have no desire to break themselves up.

South Korea is pretty much a corpo-state.

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