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dustinrodrigues 1932 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Yes, yes, very funny. The unmentioned part is the guy who doesn't say a word, but learns quite a bit about the underlying technology from the discussion between all the "characters" ...

The great part about HN is the learning, not the trolling.

I'm perfectly happy with your average Redditor thinking HN is not a worthwhile destination. While there might be a grain of truth in the accusation of our tendency to sometimes argue over small details, I have learned a tremendous amount from the discussions I've had here, not only about the subjects covered but about how to form well thought out arguments. Discussions on other sites rarely maintain civility long enough to prove useful in that manner.

This story links to the parent comment. Here is the comment actually describing HN: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/uqii2/xipio_a_m.... Linking to the parent is unnecessary - you can add "?context=1" to the URL to show the parent of a Reddit comment.

Reddit used to be worthwhile and interesting until it became Digg v2. It's now just flooded with worthless content like rage comics to appeal to the lowest common denominator of internet "culture".

I wouldn't take their critique too seriously although I did get a chuckle out of a redditor blocking Hacker News for being too predictable.

Actually my hostfile at work is for blocking things that are a waste of time. I pop reddit out and read proggit while I drink my morning coffee. I don't see where you got the idea I block HN because its predictable, that wouldn't make any sense.

It should be predictable to him. It's his kind that has degraded the quality of HN posts by turning it into reddit. Soon enough we'll be saying HN used to be worthwhile and interesting until it turned into reddit v2.

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