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I think (GNU) Emacs bankruptcy is inevitable in the longer term (utcc.utoronto.ca)
4 points by ingve 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Maybe I haven't used Emacs for long enough but I don't think any other editor could be any better except the commercial ones which you have paid for maintenance.

The thing I like about Emacs is that the community really supportive of hacking the editor to work the way you want it to work. The new LSP and tree-sitter feature are both originated from the community! The community's preference of keyboard-centric editing is also quite appealing to me.

Admittedly, without any configurations Emacs is not very good to use, and improper configurations such as lack of `with-eval-after-load` can lead to slow startup. Poor Garbage Collection mechanism and lack of multi-threading makes it pretty slow at times.

However, I can see that the community is still very active, and with the existence of the many community-maintained configuration (Doom Emacs, Spacemacs, etc.) you can defer many of the configuration burden to people who care and only focus on the features that you are using the most. Hopefully this can translate to slowing down the "emacs bankruptcy" to a rate that is slower than your own configuration commit frequency, then "emacs bankruptcy" can be practically irrelevant. Combining this with introduction of official LSP (and unofficial DAP) it should be able to stay relevant for a long time.

Agreed, if you want customisations and 3rd party modules then you expose yourself to this kind of bankruptcy. For me, it's mostly the same kind of 3rd party dependency bankruptcy you get from python, go, java, whatever.

To avoid it entirely you'd need to choose an editor that offers no real customisation or 3rd party modules. But then you're choosing feature bankruptcy.

I prefer to use non-GNU tools that don't come with a whole philosophy attached

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