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You might want to expand your world view. Stupid is not the unique domain of the US.


"The country’s [South Korea] anti-evolutionary sentiment appears to already be widespread within the schooling system, with a recent survey of trainee teachers in the country revealing half of those questioned disagreed with the statement that “modern humans are the product of evolutionary processes”.

I've noted this phenomenon around the world in mostly English-speaking countries, where it appears to have historically been derived from American Evangelism, due to access to certain literature, films and song (i.e. culture). South Korea, I imagine, has had a lot of input from the U.S.

Stupid is not unique to any country or culture. But each culture breeds its own stupidities. The modern denial of evolution seems to be of American origin since it is only widespread in with large American influence. The South Korean evangelicals draw much of their ideas from American evangelicals.

Quoting from the article:

>>In South Korea 26 percent of the population belong to a Christian denomination...

>> Creationism in South Korea gained more attention following the 1980 World Evangelisation Crusade, which was held in Seoul. The following year, the Korea Association for Creation Research was setup. The association’s website stays up to date with current evolutionary research, publishing news stories that often state the facts as published, before going on to poke holes in the results, point out that “accidents” of “random mutations” were surely by design, before finishing off with a few references to “the Creator”.

Looks like a direct import of American evangelism to a distant land...

Who said it was stupid? Evangelicalism is one of the fastest growing Christian denominations AFAIK, so arguably it is a quite successful belief. Of course it is unscientific, but that is a different issue. It might be smart to deny science depending on what you want to achieve.

I don't know much about religion in South Korea, but I would assume that the denialism is due to American influence, since it seems to be a recent phenomenon (according to the article). Jehovas Witnesses is another world-wide movement that denies evolution, and it also originated in the US.

> It might be smart to deny science depending on what you want to achieve.

This is not the kind of smart I'd like to be promoted. I'd prefer people being set free by the truth, not to be enslaved by fairy tales.

Calling it fairy tales is never, ever going to get that side of the argument to converse in any manner better than defense. Engagement would be better. Some very, very smart people believe exactly the way you wish they wouldn't.

Unfortunately, basing your worldview on unprovable and self-referential axioms like "the Bible is the word of God because it says in it that it is the word of God" and "the Bible is literal truth because it's the word of God" makes it hard for people who base their worldview on scientifically derived axioms to debate with you effectively. If you can't agree on the foundational axioms, then debate on higher order results of those is usually pointless. I think that's the crux of the impasse there. I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone change their fundamental beliefs, probably because it would involve refactoring everything, and that's a ton of work.

The world is not as black and white to all believers as believers seem to be to you.

I know, I'm referring to evangelicals, many of whom are biblical literalists.

I'd prefer people being set free by fairy tales, not to be enslaved by the truth.

There are many who believe that the truth can set you free, but fairy tales will enslave you.

Who said it was stupid?

I say it is stupid, because I think it is stupid. And it doesn't matter if there are loads of people out there who believe in it, or if their numbers are growing, I still think it is stupid. The available quantity of cult followers doesn't really faze me on this, that just means there's an unfortunately large volume of stupid, and it might need keeping an eye on, in case it overflows and makes a horrible mess.

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