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What is the licensing for this? I couldn't tell whether this was free, if I had to pay, if it was open source, GPL, etc.

It's a free beta. We'll be charging for it down the line, but you can use this however you like for now. (It's not open source, though.)

Why would I use this when I can already connect to Excel using COM for free?

That's the most perfectly ambiguous sentence I've ever seen on here, I actually can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Are you?

It was a real question.

COM isn't hot new technology, but it works, costs $0 above and beyond Excel, and can access as much (or more) of Excel.

The reason I ask is that after a quick look, the IronSpread examples don't look too much different than accessing Excel via plain old COM. [1]

And there's even a chapter in a book [2] for accessing Excel from Python through COM.

And example code [3] for wrapping Excel COM in a Python class.

I guess put another way, my question would be what does IronSpread offer above and beyond the regular access from COM?

[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/441758/driving-excel-from... (the second answer)

[2] http://my.safaribooksonline.com/1565926218/ch09-84996

[3] http://dzone.com/snippets/script-excel-python

This is for extending Excel. I'm not sure how easy it is with COM (I'm sure it's possible) but you are paying them to make it easy for you.

When I use COM, it's usually free.

Why would I use this when I can already connect to Excel using PyWin32+COM and be able to interact with Excel in Python for free?


> We'll be charging for it down the line

Implement billing. Now. No excuses.

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