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thanks for reply and excited to know !!

So, development works pretty well if you have a good wifi connection.

Its just matter that we need to have good ssh client, where vim will work asyn and will push only for saves. I guess this way, development will be good in bit bad net-connections as well.

A better ssh client could do wonders. This little thing could be just what the doctor ordered.


Unfortunately for a mobile ssh client it doesn't appear to be available for any mobile OSes (yet). I would be delighted to see a nacl version of this turn up for chrome. An android client is on the horizon.

I don't have a chromebook but on my chromeos I can press ctrl-alt<F1> to get to a command line. From this I can use the normal ssh. To get back I can press ctrl-altF7. Using this I can use several different TTY to get a couple different ssh connections going. You could also install screen on the remote host so that the session stays live even if the connect drops.

My chromebook doesn't have an F1 key (although I read somewhere that the F* keys are the special function keys aross the top of the keyboard). I will see if I can reproduce that behaviour tonight.

Confirmed. I can access the terminals via the F* keys, which are just the fancy keys across the top of the keyboard. Cheers.

and yes, I hope chromebook wont have a problem working with external mechanical keyboards, right?

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