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Humble Bundle: Just because you use open software doesn’t mean you’re cheap (danwin.com)
1 point by danso on June 7, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I was wondering about this myself when I bought my humble bundle. I think that saying linux users pay more on average is somewhat misleading without some sort of analysis on the actual data. For example, if linux counts for only $100,000 of sales, and the average is $10 dollars a buy. Then you would assume 10000 buyers. However, one person putting in 10k (such as notch) would skew the results dramatically. Then you really have only 9001 buyers and the average price is $11.1 per a user, but that really isn't a good predictor of average price. Same thing with some windows users being really cheap. I think if you removed all people paying more than $100 for the bundle and all people paying less than $2 for the bundle you would find the average price to be much closer. Just my thoughts.

That's an excellent point...and another reminder of why median is a better measure...Notch is one of a kind and his outlier effect is exaggerated given Linux's lower number of users. Of course, there's nothing stopping paragons in the Windows world to make massive donations either ;)

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