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my grandmother drank 3 pots of coffee a day for over 50 years. it did nothing to help her alzheimer's. I haven't seen any causality in this study.

I'm sure one could find an anecdote to counter almost any statistical finding. I'm not convinced such an exercise means anything.

Three pots of coffee is ridiculous. It's a nice anecdote, but who's to say that much coffee doesn't have the adverse effect of smaller amounts?

Does Alzheimer's run in your family?

My mom drinks at least 3 big cups of tea daily. There's no way she doesn't have Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia. Although her mother had Alzheimer's also, so maybe caffeine isn't enough to overpower genetics.

I wonder if tea has the same effect as coffee in this case. They both have caffeine.

It was mentioned that the affects of caffeine or decaf coffee alone don't seem to do the same work as caffeinated coffee.

How do you know that her Alzheimer's wouldn't have set in sooner if she hadn't drank the coffee?

The study was over a short period. It's possible that coffee just significantly delays the onset.

The article specifically stated that the effect could be to delay onset.

Was it decaf?

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