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Shorter and, IMHO, a bit simpler Perl one-liner:

    perl -MDigest::SHA=sha1_hex -le '$h = substr( sha1_hex(shift), 5 ); open F, "<combo_not.txt"; print "found $_" for grep /$h/, <F>' password

    perl -MDigest::SHA=sha1_hex -lne 'BEGIN {$pw = shift} $h = substr( sha1_hex($pw), 5 ); print "found $_" if /$h/' password combo_not.txt

The first one ramps up memory use like crazy (which I was trying to avoid) and the second one is much better with memory, but you need to move the sha1_hex into the BEGIN block or you're recomputing the hash for every line parsed, thrashing your CPU. Interesting use of 'shift' though, I didn't know you could modify the file argument to -n like that.

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