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Another data point:

I changed my linkedin password about three weeks ago. The old one is in the list (already 00000-ed), the new one isn't.

My (very unique) password hash is in the list, although unbroken so far.

Sorry for the stupid question, but where did you guys find the list of hashes? I didn't see it linked in the article.

Edit: found it in the Slashdot comments, it's: http://www.mediafire.com/?n307hutksjstow3

For the record, my password's hash was not in the list.

I think they're getting removed. I posted a link from the original source, but it's since disappeared.

I don't know if I have the correct file: http://www.mediafire.com/?n307hutksjstow3

mbf041:Downloads shephard$ wc -l SHA1.txt 6143150 SHA1.txt

My password hash which was last rotated July 5, 2011

Was _not_ found in the file (with/without 00000). I have, of course, changed it today. Strangely enough, the previous password is also not in the list.

Don't know if this adds anything, but both my old password (created eight years ago) and current password (changed six months ago) were on the list. Both were very unique - 20 characters mixed.

Need to get better at changing my PWs every three months. It's really not that hard, just a matter of discipline.

My old password was in the list, but not my newer password. I changed it about 2 years ago I think.

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