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If your password was 'linkedinsucks' then it sucks because they found it already !


  527688fa9f32bb8dab32d30807ca5c57a0b203b8 is not present
  000008fa9f32bb8dab32d30807ca5c57a0b203b8 is present

Here's some they didn't find, from /usr/dict/words: Paraná, Zürich, attaché. Not sure of the encoding, but I'd guess UTF-8.

My not so strong password is not in the list, spacex12, and Ive checked if it was already cracked by the prefix of 00000, nope.

Also if it was "linkedin"

7728240c80b6bfd450849405e8500d6d207783b6 not present

0000040c80b6bfd450849405e8500d6d207783b6 present

or "facebook"

cbe648909034c0624c205fe219d3fbd10052c715 not present

000008909034c0624c205fe219d3fbd10052c715 present

or google

759730a97e4373f3a0ee12805db065e3a4a649a5 not present

000000a97e4373f3a0ee12805db065e3a4a649a5 present

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