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Bookmarklet to see YC / Reddit thread of any URL (see-reaction.appspot.com)
77 points by theone on June 6, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments

Neat but clicking Reaction on http://see-reaction.appspot.com/index.html prompts me to submit the story to HN when it's obviously already been submitted.

I came here to say the same. Very nice idea (and I know I've needed it in the past), but it's not working terribly well currently. I have, however, installed it, and will be using it.

Same problem here. It seems to be a problem on the server as url encoding and other client side stuff looks fine at first glance

I like the UI for the "panels" bookmarklet mentioned by chetan51 http://chetan51.github.com/panels/hacker/

I was thinking of doing something like this without the GAE component, purely on-browser. Obviously your solution has many advantages, like automatic browser compatibility. Also, it exists.

Is it open source? I'd like to help you add other sites. For instance, I'd like to have the Metafilter and BoingBoing reactions available too.

Please make this into a Chrome extension or FF add-on though.

I know myself, I'll forget to click the bookmarklet...

Would you be any more likely to click a toolbar button? If you mean finding threads automatically, wouldn't that have privacy implications as it would have to send every url you visit back to them?

I am also not doing any GAE stuff, its just some static files. Presently all things are happening on client side.

Actually I also thought of integrating Metafilter, but they don't have JSONP api as of now.

Anyways will opensource it soon, and can integrate other sites with serverside component.


Very cool. However, many times it doesn't work well for HN. I've gone straight to a site from an HN post (like this post's[0] site[1]) and it doesn't show the HN post.

[0]: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4072984 [1]: http://www.tgdaily.com/mobility-features/63829-mobile-tactil...

Presently I am using HN api's for searching, and I have found that it takes time to index new links.

Apparently everybody else knows what a bookmarklet is and how to use it. Maybe a little explanation on the landing page for the laggards among us would help your adoption rates.

Neat idea! I think this could be improved by loading the comments trough an API and showing them on the side / bottom (depending on screen resolution?), on the page itself.

Edit: just saw this comment (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4073067). That but instead of loading the page, load comments trough an API.

I like the concept. You can also just submit it to reddit/HN - if already submitted, it shows the thread. Get the standard submission bookmarklets from:



Good work. I made something very similar a while back (with a slightly different UI):


Now, users have some choice :)

Hacker Panel doesn't work very well for me. It nearly always just brings up the submit page, even if the link has already been posted to HN.

Same experience for me with HN Thread http://kaspa.rs/hn-bookmarklet/. This seems to work much better.

Let's take this url as an example http://daneden.me/animate/.

With HN Thread I get one page.

With Hacker Panel I just get the submission screen.

With this bookmarklet I get all three times the page was submitted to Hacker News.

Thanks OP.

Sorry, it was using the old API which is now taken down. I've updated it to use the new HNSearch API, so it should work well now. You can get the updated version at http://chetan51.github.com/panels/hacker/.

The Reddit and HN threads have two scrollbars for me in Chrome (stable channel on Windows 7).


Thanks for pointing it out, will very soon look into it.

Very cool idea to lay it out like this, but unfortunately it didn't work very well for either, apart from the Twitter mentions.

It works great on Firefox 13, however, the original page is replaced by [object Window].

I added ;void(0) to the end of the script to fix this.

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