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So what happens if you're working on several different projects, each of which involves working with multiple files of different types (e.g. word processing documents, photos, videos, and spreadsheets)? On a desktop OS you would have a folder for each project, and store all the stuff related to a particular project in the respective folder. I've been doing this for longer than I can remember.

With the current iOS model, content is organised by the app that created it, not by the project it's related to. So if you're doing work for multiple clients, or collaborating on different internal projects, all of your content is spread out between different apps, and there's no easy way to gather it all together for the purposes of sharing, archiving, or backup.

I agree that the way in which the filesystem is exposed to users on desktop OSs can be confusing, but I really think they need to find a way to allow people to organise their files better. Dropbox has essentially become the filesystem for iOS - it's a way around the limitations, and a lot of apps use it.

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