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NetLogo / Northwestern University | Senior Developer | ONSITE

Northwestern University’s Center for Connected Learning & Computer-Based Modeling (CCL) is looking for a full-time Software Developer to work on NetLogo. We are looking for a system builder who can design and implement a whole application independently. You will work in a small collaborative development team in a research group that also includes professors, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates, supporting the needs of multiple research projects. A major focus will be on development of NetLogo (in both Desktop and Web form), an open-source modeling environment for both education and scientific research. CCL grants also involve development work on HubNet, NetTango and other associated tools for NetLogo, including research and educational NSF grants involving building, delivering, and assessing NetLogo-based science curricula for secondary schools. NetLogo is the most widely used agent-based modeling software, and has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide using it for both research and education.

Languages used for new development are mainly Scala and JavaScript.


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