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Do you have a source of the pre-SOX company IPOs vs post-SOX company IPOs? I'm more curious than anything. SOX didn't just eliminate fluff it eliminated many profitable companies who don't have the earnings and market size to justify going public. This is fine by me - going public is overrated anyway.

The companies that are too immature to do SOX just simply don't deserve to IPO.

It has very little to do with maturity. Just like the Patriot Act, SOX was an overreaction. It adds layers & layers of red tape & costs (even if it has "worked", which I don't know one way or the other). While it has certainly weeded out some bad companies, it's discouraged some good companies from going public as well.

Here's an IPO table covering 1980-2008:


Interesting to see that 2004-2007 there were over 150 IPOs. 2008 has just 20, roughly half venture backed.

That doesn't say whether or not it is US only.

And the 2000s still look sickly, at about half the trend of 1980-2000.

Thanks for the link.

M&A has taken a blow too (article is slightly dated):


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