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The "G+ is dead/dying" canard again? Really?

Honest question - is it not?

No. I'm just as tired of seeing it repeated here as I was hearing people repeat "Twitter is dumb and useless and not going anywhere" 3 years ago. Just because you don't use it or subscribe to people that use it, doesn't mean the rest of us didn't take the time to actually utilize it.

People said this about Wave as well.

I'm not convinced. I tried google+, I was really impressed with the UI. I used it for a few days, then a few weeks later I suddenly remembered it existed. I don't think I'm alone.

Presumably they still count me as a 'user', even though I haven't used Google+ for ages.

Why do you care if they include you in their user count? Why does it bother you?

I love Google+. I love the UI. I love the interaction I have with the people I follow. They post good content, it's well featured, it's fast on mobile (which is something its competitors flatly can not claim) and the Circles model works really well. For me.

Funny, I also got a shockingly huge amount of value out of Wave. It was for very specific group-school-project sorts of things, but it has been irreplacable in terms of simplicity and strange overlapping feature set. In fact, as others have noted, many features that people wish to see in a "futuristic email 2.0" were embodied by Google Wave.

I guess I reject the notion that since you don't like/use it, no one does.

"I guess I reject the notion that since you don't like/use it, no one does."

No one's really said that. People say no one uses G+ because, relatively speaking, almost no one uses G+. It may be awesome, it may be the greatest thing since sliced bread and in fact almost every review of the UI has lauded it from what I've seen but the flip side of this is tools without community are useless. Whether G+ is dying/dead/a ghost town is a real discussion that can take place.

Just because it's useful for some and some people use it doesn't mean it's not a failure as a Facebook competitor (which is what we're measuring here, not whether anyone is using it). It's disingenuous to count me as a user when they compare themselves to FB because I and probably most of their other users haven't used it in months. In contrast, a large percentage of FB's user count uses Facebook all the time.

> "Why do you care if they include you in their user count? Why does it bother you?"

It bothers me if they're being dishonest. Tell me how many people actively shared things on Google+ yesterday. Telling me how many people have ever used Google+ in the past isn't useful, and is going to vastly distort peoples perception.

> "I guess I reject the notion that since you don't like/use it, no one does."

Sure, valid point. I'd reply that out of all my facebook friends, a few tried google+, and none actively use it that I know of. So it's not just me.

It's also telling that you got a huge amount of value out of Wave as well as plus. Perhaps Google+ isn't that much different to Wave... in which case it's doomed.

Release Wave -> Failing -> Buy Etherpad -> Wave fails

Release Google+ -> Failing -> Buy Meebo -> Google+ fails

Don't get me wrong, I love Google. But I can see history repeating itself here...

> Release Wave -> Failing -> Buy Etherpad -> Wave fails

Except etherpad technology is actively being used in google docs, maybe more than it has ever been used in wave, and docs is quite far from dead

no, just that the G+ product issues can not be solved with more developers. more developers do not fix a product.

it says nothing about the usage nr. of G+. but that the G+ has product issues is clear as day, even to - most - fanboys.

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