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One thing no outlet has reported is that everyone except business development and select engineers were laid off as a result of the deal.

This all comes from someone who left Meebo recently and is still close with people that work there.

Not sure exactly how many, but it sounds like it was a good number.

Note: I said it was the majority, that's what my friend made it sound like, but I'm not sure.. will update once I find out

Meebo laid off most of its staff as part of this deal?

Most might be too strong, but it seems pretty bad. The chicago office is gone as a result of the acquisition I'm told.

Reports are starting to roll in about other locations


Did they have any engineering folks outside the bay area?

I thought they were headquartered in Austin for some reason. Am I thinking of some other chat company?

Meebo was based out of Mountain View, right next to Red Rock Cafe.

There are engineers in New York and some remote engineers

That sounds pretty bad if true.

Is there a point of working for a startup if there's no financial upside, only the downside?

Not being in the US, I'm curious if people getting laid-off from funded startups get severance packages.

They're not getting laid off by a startup now they're getting laid off by Google. They likely get a severance. In CA at least if they're laying off a significant portion it's cosidered a plant closing which should give everyone about 6 months severance.

I contracted for these guys, I bailed out of their full-time offer to follow my contract for a reason.

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