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Show HN: Arewedownyet.com (arewedownyet.com)
5 points by joseferben 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
We've built this to quickly check the status of several popular services on a single status page.

Interesting. What's the difference from https://statusgator.com/ ?

not too much, statusgator looks great as a fully-featured standalone product.

we use the data that we collect that generates the arewedownyet site as part of our beeps on-call platform -- check it out at beeps.co -- and we've found that having this set of vendors is really helpful for a certain set of engineers who build on the nextjs/react stack so we quickly put together this simple site.

flyio at the bottom of the pack? seems legit.

The more thorough your status monitoring, the worse you perform here though!

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