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Exploring TrustZone-M on the NRF9160 (lenas-fieldnotes.de)
48 points by pantalaimon 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

"So of course I opened the big bad search engine and typed Nordic nRF9160 bare-metal example. I quickly learned that, while bare-metal programming Nordic boards is possible"

Google, of course, is very big, angry and bad, but there is no need to search for what is on the manufacturer’s website:

I search for things I've written/published myself all the time. stuff really lives in the same place for more than a few months/years, and I forget where they were anyway, and often forget 90% of what's in it, so search is much faster at getting me there than trying to navigate the n+1th iteration of the website.

Interesting that you managed to avoid programming the SAU. The default IDAU appears to be sufficient, yes?

Adds TrustZone, but reduces isolation of LTE radio baseband attack surface?

> it breaks with the widespread concept of having one application microprocessor talking over serial line using AT commands with a separate cellular modem. Beside this it uses the latest ARM Cortex-M33 CPU core with new security features targeting especially secure IoT applications. The LTE modem is directly integrated into the SiP and communicating with the application processor using interprocessor communication based on shared memory.

But it's just Cortex-M33...

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