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Previous nanonote owner here.

The keyboard is just WRONG. Hard to use for any shell activities at all due to the itsy bitsy tiny space button.

Don't plan to type anything on it - notetaking will be a pain. See for yourself : http://en.blog.guylhem.net/post/5587220325/the-original-nano...

The keyboard layout was my main gripe, so I proposed a fix more than 2 years ago: http://en.blog.guylhem.net/post/5587284432/the-idea-nanonote... (I moved my blog from wordpress, hence the 2011 year tag)

On the mailing list where the keyboard issue were discussed, IIRC basically it was said the keyboard had not been optimized at all - just made to work, but that it would soon be remade etc. Still hasn't changed though.

I had a nanonote. Did some OSX stuff for it (including compiling a reflasher), some hardware hacking (including adding a bluetooth module because THERE IS NO WIRELESS OF ANY KIND ON IT) but the keyboard limitation were just too strong.

After waiting for ANY improvement such as making and selling new keyboard layouts, I ended up selling it. Or giving it away, just can't remember what I did with it, except feeling is was a missed opportunity :-(

My advice: don't get one. Looks cool, but you need to hack your own wireless in. Then the keyboard sucks, and you will understand it can't be put to any use. And you'll cry, because it had so much potential.

Meanwhile I got myself a N900 and it's far more interesting to tinker with. There's even a community project for making replacement cases made of aluminum and exposing a new USB port - now that's serious hacking :-)

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