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How the fact about Malaysia might fit into this: In Malaysia, Internet speeds are one third of what they are in the United States.


In addition, all programming languages you would want to code in are based on English, and almost all programming documentation is in English.

So the barrier to entry for a young male Malaysian nerd who wants to get into computers is much higher. Downloading a Linux iso takes much longer and he has to be fluent in English if he wants to teach himself easily.

The act of democratizing access to hacking resources for less developed countries could result in them developing the same sort of gender gaps in tech that we have.

I think the real lesson from all of this is that programming isn't really that hard and you can learn at any age. Most technical majors people study in college, like nuclear engineering, offer little opportunity to get a head start as a kid, but people do fine. I have two friends who learned to code after college and are now working at Silicon Valley companies. If we just tell students, and women in particular, that they can catch up with enough effort then maybe things can get fixed.

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