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phaus 766 days ago | link | parent

I used to own an Asus EEE PC 901, and while it is still one of my favorite gadgets of all time, I have to admit that small keyboards are absolutely terrible for taking notes.

The keyboard on this device looks to be about half the size of the EEE PC 901, so I don't think it would be very effective without a full size keyboard connected to it.

ja27 766 days ago | link

I used to use Psion Series 3 "palmtops". One of the best thumb-typing experiences I've had and it ran for days on 2 AA cells.



moe 766 days ago | link

Agreed. The keyboard is about smartphone-size. At which point one has to ask: Why not just use a smartphone?


bennomadic 766 days ago | link

because this one is free as in freedom :)


kristianp 766 days ago | link

Surely not as bad at taking notes as a smartphone?


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