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Blatant advertisement for a possible solution to Sentry's problem with the cloud

Sorry you feel that way. I try to keep the line between my work and myself pretty clear. If I didn't work for Iron, I'd still suggest he try the product, as I actually believe it may help. I use it in my own projects, and it helps me. If people ask me if they should use Iron and I don't actually believe it would help them, I tell them it's not a good fit for their product. If developers aren't happy using our products, they stop using them and we stop getting paid, so what's the point?

I think it's a bit unfair to say the point of the post was an advertisement, however. Considering I spent the entire post talking about the difference between cloud computing and PaaS and only mentioned the company I work for twice (once as a matter of disclosure), I'd think it a bit of a stretch to claim the point was to shill a product. Especially when I could've just spammed him on Twitter. As far as spamming goes, this is probably the least effective way I've ever heard of.

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