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Pareto.AI | Multiple Roles | 100% REMOTE | https://pareto.ai

Pareto.AI is in the premium data labeling space, focused on ethical, high-quality labeling. We are currently working with some the largest names in the AI space and growing rapidly.

We have a few full-time, fully-remote roles available:

1. [Entry-level OK] Data Ops Managers live between the client and the rest of the team, capturing details about the projects and coordinating between the different teams to ensure the data labeling gets done. If you're familiar or experienced with project management then this is a role you'll excel in, but we're equally open to bringing on entry-level people looking to gain experience --> https://coda.io/d/_dVweWtFuF-G/_suJlq

2. [Targeting Mid-level] A role suitable for 'hackers' who enjoy working with mixtures of technologies on constant short and medium term (few weeks to a few months) projects for more custom labeling projects. In the last few weeks this has involved things like overlaying text over screen recordings with ffmpeg, SQL + Python scripts to clean and prepare data for annotation, building a Django dashboard that collates information from multiple sources, and so on. Almost all greenfield, requires coordinating with clients to interpret the project requirements, estimating the complexity and eventually choosing the right tools for the job and executing on the work. A truly 'whiteboard to deployment' role where you get to have full ownership. This team is currently just made up of senior devs, so we're largely targeting mid-level devs at the moment to round it out --> https://coda.io/d/_dVweWtFuF-G/_suZtt

3. [Mid-Senior level] Customer Support Manager. Requires a decent amount of overlap with PST and PHT hours --> https://coda.io/d/_dVweWtFuF-G/_sujaL

These are exclusively full time roles -- we can't accept part time or fixed term contracts. Code-writing roles require a strong command of Python fundamentals. We are a fully distributed, remote-first company with an engineering team spread around the world. There is essentially no restriction on where you're located as long as you're able to be present for our core collaboration hours of 8am PST to 1pm PST.

No recruiting agencies or similar, we're only interested in filling the open full-time roles.

Please mention me directly or HN when applying to avoid getting caught up in the screening flow. Please answer all of the questions in the application form.



You can reach me directly at steven@[domain] if you have any questions that aren't covered by this post or the job listings, but any applications would need to go directly through the link above.

I am just graduating university with a CS degree; most of my resume points are in data science/ML and your company interests me. I am curious about both 1. and 2. but the requirements on your website for 1. look a bit intense for a new grad? I would be interested to see how I might fit in to the company regardless but could you confirm that the responsibility of "manage a team of project managers" is suitable for a new grad/entry level hire?

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