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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (June 2024)
44 points by whoishiring 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 155 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

Please only post if you are personally looking to hire a freelancer or work as one. Agencies, recruiters, job boards, and so on, are off topic here.

SEEKING WORK | Remote | US Citizen

Looking for computer vision work. Multi-view stereo, camera calibration, SfM, scene reconstruction, 3D object triangulation, 3D multi-object tracking. Object detection, tracking, video processing. I mostly work in Python and C++, but the stack is not super important to me. I have 14 years of experience as a software engineer. Self-directed, and I do not require a lot of management. I go the extra mile producing technical notes, reports, visualizations, etc. to help communicate my results. References available upon request.


Video auto-cropping

- Prioritize between competing subjects in video

- Create smooth panning crop-out region for each subject

- Naturally transition focus between different subjects

Real-time soccer markerless motion capture

- Camera calibration (20+ cameras)

- Calibration refinement and camera drift maintenance

- 3D object triangulation from multi-view 2D object detection

- 3D human pose reconstruction from 2D pose estimations

- 3D multi-object tracking

- Real-time pipeline (60 Hz)


email work at zacstewart dot com


SEEKING WORK | Lead Developer | Full stack with data engineering skills

Location: U.S.A. (Vermont)

Remote: Only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python/Django, JavaScript/React, AWS, GCP, GNU Make, Bash, Prefect, data engineering, mapping, data visualizations

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-mcalilly/

Email: sam@bookhead.net

I've started a consulting business that specializes in the bookselling, library, and publishing industry: https://bookhead.net/consulting. I'm looking for contract programming work for book-ish enterprises.

I specialize in data engineering, interactive maps, and data visualizations. I can design data pipelines, backend systems, and complex user interfaces. I also have experience managing projects and clients.


Data Engineer and Data Architect

Location: Worldwide

Languages: English (fluent), Croatian (native), German (basic)

Remote: Yes, hybrid possible in Germany

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python (Flask, Django, pandas, scipy, Apache Spark), Scala (Apache Spark), IaaC (Terraform), AWS, MS Azure, DevOps (Jenkins, TravisCI, Gitlab CI/CD, MS Azure DevOps), Knowledge Graphs (RDF, rdf4j), Apache Kafka, OpenCV (C/C++, Python), relational databases (Postgres, MariaDB), noSQL (Cassandra, Mongo), monitoring/alerting (Grafana, Prometheus), platform tooling (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Charts)

Personal website: https://mkolarek.github.io/

Résumé/CV: https://mkolarek.github.io/pdf/Resume-Marko-Kolarek.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mkolarek

Email: marko.kolarek@proton.me

Experience: 10 years of experience in data engineering

Looking for: both short- and long-term projects

Hi I'm Marko, a data engineer, data architect and consultant originally from Croatia, based in Berlin, Germany. I specialize in all kinds of data engineering work (ETL pipelines, data modelling, cloud infrastructure, cataloging, monitoring, MLOps, etc.).


  Fourteen person team of developers + 2 PMs + 1 QA + 1 designer, focused on the design &
  development of web and mobile products and 
  custom integrations.

  Working with EU & USA clients from funded startups to corporations (Fortune500) 

  Can work as an outsourced team or cover the full product development cycle.

  Email: info [at] higroup.si
  Website with portfolio: www.higroup.si 
  Rate: Either fixed per project or $55/hour;

  Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana, European Union 
  Frontend: HTML5 (Bootstrap etc.), CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript (Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React), Three.js
  Backend: PHP (Laravel), GO and Node.js (NestJS)
  Mobile: Flutter
  Databases: MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB
  Platform: AWS, Azure, Oracle, DotDigital, Terraform
  Integration experience: Stripe, Mollie, PayPal, Klarna, BigCommerce, Contentful, hygraph, Directus ...

  We always listen to the needs and wishes of our customers when advising on product 
  realisation, we can proudly say that customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

  Pangea -> https://www.pangea.ai/vendors/higroup/ 
  Clutch -> https://clutch.co/profile/higroup


Available for part-time or full-time contract work, preferably on a long-term basis, but I'm also available for smaller projects.

I am very flexible with my working hours (mostly working with clients from USA).

I am a full-stack developer with more than 10+ years of experience. C#, Node.js, AWS (certified developer), DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, microservices, react

I prefer long-term contract work, but I'm also available for smaller projects. I'm also available through Toptal.

Github: https://github.com/boros-csaba

Website: https://www.boroscsaba.com/

Toptal: https://www.toptal.com/resume/boros-csaba

CV: https://www.boroscsaba.com/assets/cv.pdf

Email: boros.csaba94@gmail.com


I am a 20+ year experienced developer.

Most of my work has involved embedded development (Linux, RTOS, baremetal, C/C++/uPython), including various forms of networking and distributed systems, audio/video, as well as backend services (usually using Python, Django, and Go), deployments (AWS, DO, Ansible, Docker, etc). I also do iOS and Android development. I do some frontend work, but that isn't my specialty.

I love helping people develop new products to meet their goals and needs, especially with a focus for getting it in use and making money as soon as possible to demonstrate utility and make money. I also have extensive experience taking over existing legacy code bases.

I am available for part-time or full-time contract work, long-term or short-term. I would love for every project to turn into a lasting business relationship.

Github: https://github.com/jd-boyd website: https://boydtechnicalsolutions.com/ https://blog.jdboyd.net/ Email: jdboyd@boydtechnicalsolutions.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdboyd/

Location: Malaysia Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: yes as long as have relocation support and visa sponsored Technologies:HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue, React, NodeJS, Tailwind, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Strapi, SASS,TypeScript,Laravel, PHP, jQuery, Agile methodologies, Figma/Adobe XD, RESTFUL API Résumé/CV: https://mimmy-spacejam.vercel.app/assets/noraini-resume.pdf Email: norainiibrahim98@gmail.com

Hello, Hacker News community! I'm Noraini (aka Mimmy), a passionate Junior Frontend Developer hailing from the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection, I specialize in bringing designs to life through the art of code.

I'm eagerly seeking opportunities to broad my experience as a frontend developer beyond my home country. Europe, Japan, and Singapore are on my radar, and

I'm excited about the prospect of contributing to innovative projects in these regions. If you're in search of a frontend developer who combines creativity with technical prowess, let's connect!

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/norainiibrahim

Website: https://mimmy-spacejam.vercel.app/assets/noraini-resume.pdf

SEEKING WORK, South East Asia (UTC+7), remote work OK, I am very flexible with working hours and can accommodate most time zones, experienced remote worker.

Willing to relocate: Yes

Hi I’m Mark, a Web Developer, Consultant and Automation Engineer originally from the UK. I specialise in devops/system tools, workflow automation integrations, and NodeJS web development.

10+ years working in IT, experienced delivering large projects for Fortune 500 companies internationally, and working remotely.

Most recently I’ve been developing social media SaaS and statically generated (a.k.a Jamstack) websites, built using GitHub Actions, deployed to Netlify.


NodeJS, Perl, Python, Bash, Git, Express, Eleventy, Passport, Mocha, HTML/Javascript/CSS, ES2015-2020, JQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, AWS, Digital Ocean, Netlify, Heroku, Docker, Lambda, Serverless, Message Queues, Stripe, Mailgun, Linux, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Nginx, Letsencrypt, GitHub Actions

About me: https://markjgsmith.com/about

Portfolio: https://markjgsmith.com/portfolio

Recommendations: https://markjgsmith.com/recommendations

Résumé/CV: On request via email

Email: markjgsmith@gmail.com

Location: Connecticut, USA

Remote: Yes (20 years experience, efficient, productive, and highly available) Willing to relocate: For the right position; remote with occasional travel much preferred

--- Seeking part-time or full-time work in development, source code audits, or reworking codebases left in poor shape. Specializes in Ruby, Rails, React Native, Node, React, and Javascript. Experienced in all phases of software development, including architecting solutions from the ground up, reworking/rebuilding/refactoring existing projects, and contributing to modern codebases. Focuses on React Native (core contributor), React, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript/Ruby. ---

Technologies: React Native (core contributor), React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Perl, Objective-C, Java, Swift, C, C#, Python, Node.js, Express, PHP, GraphQL (Apollo), Mobile Development (Native: iOS/Xcode, Android/Android Studio, Hybrid: Cordova/Ionic, HTML5/Canvas, CreateJS/ImpactJS/Phaser, Flux (Redux, Alt.js, Mobx)), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, Mocha, Jasmine, Sphinx, Solr, Lucene, Elastic Search, AWS (S3, EC2, Lambda, Amplify, RDS, etc), Linux, Apache, Git/GitHub workflow, DevOps, Heroku, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, MongoDB, Web3, Crypto, NestJS, TypeScript

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kQ6wp-hvewB-fGRNEVnywVpL...

Email: adamjroth@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Iowa, USA | Remote

I'm a full snack product engineer with over 25 years experience building apps on the web. I primarily use PHP/Laravel/Livewire, have a love hate relationship with React/Next.js/Remix.js and absolutely adore Vue. htmx CEO btw.

I am currently building a suite of tools for bootstrappers and solopreneurs on my community of ~10,000 indie hackers at https://getmakerlog.com

Email: josh@joshmanders.com


We are a small remote full-stack design and dev team. Our portfolio: https://stratosphere.digital. Some recent projects we've worked on: https://pathways.org/mobile-app, https://axiosint.com/digitalsolutions, https://divvydose.com, https://emulatebio.com, https://conveyour.com, https://www.webvideocaster.com, https://ways2well.com.

Some of the technologies we're most familiar with: Web and mobile design, UI, UX, iconography, illustration, design prototyping, PHP, Node.js, Meteor, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, LESS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, WebSockets, AJAX, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native, iOS, Android, Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), AWS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, C, C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, Swift, pharmacy systems such as QS/1, HL7, HIPAA, Smart Contracts, Motoko, Web3.

We offer hourly rates and discounted monthly retainer options. Contact: via our website or you can contact me directly at eliyah@stratosphere.digital.

SEEKING WORK | Location: EU/Hungary | Remote: Yes | Willing to relocate: No Technologies: React, Node, Kubernetes, Scala, ProseMirror, Postgres, Firebase, AWS, Supabase Résumé/CV: https://emergence-engineering.com Email: viktor.vaczi@emergence-engineering.com

Hey! We’re Emergence Engineering, a small-ish dev shop from the EU. Part of our team is looking for work, we’ve been working for US & UK based startups for a while now. Our team is:

- React / Node / Embedded senior dev ( me )

- Scala / React / Node / Blockchain / GPT / Kubernetes / DevOps senior dev

- Scala / React / Node / Kubernetes / DevOps senior dev

- Two devs with deep React / Node knowledge between mid and senior level

- Two very good medior devs with React knowledge

We look for a place where we can make a difference and do interesting work with a lot of responsibility, the team is well balanced meaning that we have exploring / figuring out and executing types.


We are a group of developers with professional experience in software development. Although our expertise is in Functional Programming, we can work with whatever you see fit for your project. Your project is great, hence you are anxious about it. Here is the good news: we are here to join your team. Choose Don’t rely on Nulls for dependable software solutions; something that you can rely on. Together, we will conquer the fear of deploying your treasure into the real world. We have the from-first-principles ideas, the tools, and the will to make it work. Take a deep breath: you are one small step away from a brighter digital horizon — even if it is from zero you should not be afraid. The outcome will be pretty, and maintainable enough that you’d like to frame it. The price will be shocking to you (in a positive way) because of the number of developers you will have taking care of your project. What are you waiting for?

Website: https://www.dontrelynulls.org/

Tech stack: F#, Clojure, C#, Rescript, Haskell, Javascript, Postgres, SQL Server, Github/Actions, React, NodeJS, Linux

Email Contact: dontrelynulls@gmail.com


We are a team of certified DevOps/Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) with a background in large and small organizations. We adhere to Google's SRE methodologies. My experience with Kubernetes dates back to its inception, and I have extensive expertise in managing large-scale operations and working with diverse technologies.

We specialize in AWS, GCP, and Azure. I'm certified in AWS, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes, and GitOps and have excellent knowledge of all aspects of software automation (CI/CD, Canary and Blue-Green Deployment Strategies, self-healing, fully automated infrastructure rollout per customer (multi-tenant infra) )

My resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T7BJY_lg0PRooEev2aHjhbvf... My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vshynkar My Github: https://github.com/sqerison

SEEKING WORK | SF Bay Area, CA | Remote OK

Programming Languages: Ruby, Scala, Python, Javascript, TypeScript, Haskell Programming Strengths: Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Engineering, Programming Language Theory, Type Theory, No-Code, AI&Prompt Engineering

Other Skills: Leading Teams & Managing Projects, Architecting & Implementing Greenfield Solutions, Education & Team Growth, Leading Communication and Coordination Between Stakeholders Across Teams and Organizational Silos

CV: Available Upon Request

Email: poetic.artifice@gmail.com

I am a seasoned (15 years experience) full-stack principal software engineer specializing in the backend. In the past, I've pioneered a number of no- and low-code solutions for stream processing, data model and query generation, form building, workflow systems, and front-end construction for a variety of industries, including those with strong regulatory requirements and complex business rules such as healthcare and fintech.

More recently, I've built a workflow engine for coordinating LLMs and other generative AI processes, and on top of this a platform for minimizing hallucinations and working with documents that are too large for existing context windows.

If any of the above seems like a match for you and your organization or project, don't hesitate to reach out.

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Infrastructure Engineering Coach/Mentor

I am a Lead Infrastructure Engineer with 20+ years of experience, specialised in training and mentoring software engineers with the goal of improving their infrastructure and DevOps skills.

My preferred method of work is on-the-job training or mentoring, where we work together on real tasks or on a real project for weeks or months. This is a very effective way to learn, can be adjusted to a wide range of skill levels and as a bonus, some work gets done on the way.

Whether you are just putting together an infra team, looking to introduce some of your software engineers to the "ops" world, need some extra help on an infra-heavy project or temporarily lacking tech leadership on the infra topics, contact me and we'll figure it out.

I am located in Estonia, prefer to work remotely, but on-site visits are an option.

The usual topics are various AWS services, Elastic Stack, Linux, scripting, infrastructure as code, troubleshooting, logging & monitoring, managing cloud costs, but I find it rewarding to venture into new areas together with the team.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martitaremaa/

Contact: hn at kibe.ee


Hi, I'm Jasmine Daly, Principal Consultant & Founder of Daly Analytics LLC (https://dalyanalytics.com/): A data science consulting company specializing in Advanced Data Analysis with R Programming, Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Data Viz, ML & Shiny App Development. I'm looking for new clients and open to all domains but I have previous experience leading data science in: Auto insurance, FinTech, Internet Infrastructure/Edge Cloud Computing, and webrtc! I'm available for part-time contracts but can be flexible.

Contact me at: jasmine [at] dalyanalytics [dot] com or Find me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasminemdaly/ or my website: https://dalyanalytics.com/

SEEKING WORK | Remote | United States / Anywhere | Full Stack Software Engineer

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenirby1/

Resume: https://www.stevenirby.me/resume/

Email: <HN username at> stevenirby.me

Technologies: React, TypeScript, Next.js, Python, Django, node.js, Tailwind, etc.

I would love to help a team part-time or do short-term freelance work.

Here is what has been keeping me busy these days:

Freelance work.


I built and shipped a Next.js / React app for artists to maintain artist profiles and submit art to my art newsletter. Using MySQL, Prima, TypeScript, Tailwind, and React. I finally sent my 2,500,000th email/piece of art. Onboarded 100+ artists.


AI version of the newsletter. Using Go Hugo, tailwind, lots of cool vanilla JavaScript animations, tailwind.css.


My most ambitious project yet—a tool to fix inboxes for Gmail and Fastmail users. It's a work in progress, and I ship daily. Using vanilla class-based TypeScript, some React, tailwind.css.


Technologies: Fullstack + devops. Python, Django, FastAPI, Pydantic, Pandas, Jupyter notebooks, Reactjs, Typescript, Postgresql, Ansible, Docker, Microservices, Linux. Some embedded experience with C/C++

Résumé/CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ag5S_2ZMuu-d4sPu98a7bGxd...

Email: piotr.gryko@gmail.com

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piotr-gryko-7bb43725/

Senior Software Engineer with 12 years experience of software development. Predominantly focused on python. I'm a quick learner and have a PhD in physics. Examples of projects worked on:

* Developed a document processing and anonymization platform with django, django ninja, react, typescript, and Konvas js.

* Data processing pipelines using RabbitMQ and pydantic

* Developed a backend engineering platform with django, django rest framework, celerity, pandas, snowflake, MongoDB, and python.

* Developed a web development platform with Django, reactjs, redux + material ui, plotlyjs.

* Developed a Data Analysis platform with python, numpy, pandas, jupyter notebooks.

* Developed a Devops & sysadmin platform with docker, jenkins, digital ocean, postgres replication, ansible, elastic stack.

* Developed an Embedded Development platform with C++, arduino, ESP8266, ESP32.

* Managed a team of 3 - 4 developers.

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Java EE, Spring, Spring Security, REST, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, Python, Jaspersoft Studio, Eclipse, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, Git

Résumé/CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lMjbMfEHKdCETFNXcV3Q4dRu...

Email: nishchalaro[at]gmail[dot]com

I am a senior backend Java developer / consultant with over 11 years in the industry. My expertise is in - building robust, secure and scalable backend services and enterprise Java applications, Javascript based geospatial maps and data visualization. I also have extensive experience with the TIBCO Jaspersoft BI product offering - Jaspersoft Studio, JasperReports Server and JETL (Talend ETL).

I am looking for part-time contract or freelance/consulting opportunities at the moment (up to 20 hours/week).

Website: https://www.nishchalarora.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishchal-arora


3-10 minute video is a crazy ask to put into the second page of the application, after already asking a large write-up in the first page. Don't have people invest their time and switch it up with something you know is off-putting and rely on sunken cost to get applicants. Bonus red flag points for no salary or hourly pay information.

Thanks for the feedback.

I can understand that it can feel like an investment to apply.

But for now those are important steps we need in our recruiting process.

Let me know if you have any other feedback :)


I am a Senior QA Automation Engineer with 12+ years of experience in Software Testing in an Agile environment. I have hands-on experience in all software testing life cycle stages, including both Manual and Automation testing.

I am currently seeking part-time or full-time contract work as a QA Automation Engineer. I prefer long-term commitments, but I am also available for smaller projects.

Résumé/CV: https://douglasfugazi.co

Email: itmteleco [at] gmail.com

Location: Medellin, Colombia (GMT-5)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not yet

Technologies for Testing: Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, Playwright, Postman, Rest-Assured, DevTools, Docker, JIRA, Confluence, Git, Jenkins, API, Adobe Analytics, AWS, Azure DevOps.

Rate: Flexible to suit the specific requirements of your project.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglasfugazi

Website: https://douglasfugazi.co

Would you like to see more of my technical skills as a QA Engineer?

Review my Github profile: https://github.com/fugazi

SEEKING WORK | Cambridge, UK | Remote preferred (occasional travel OK)

Offering hands-on software development and technical leadership services, I specialise in:

• Mathematical, scientific and engineering applications

• Software for hardware (IoT, embedded, lab equipment)

• Challenging presentation (custom UIs, data viz, multimedia/video)

I have over 20 years’ experience developing software, mostly working with smaller organisations. If your situation looks anything like these, I could probably help you:

• A scale-up struggling to overcome early tech debt and transition to more sustainable development

• A hardware start-up looking to outsource software development to a multi-skilled freelancer

• A software start-up that can’t hire permanent senior+ level developers fast enough to hit targets

• A research group needing a professional to implement models and visualisations in good code

Every project is different and will be treated as such, but recently I’ve been favouring TypeScript or Python for web development (with React or Vue for UIs) and Python, C++ or Haskell for more mathematical or hardware-related work. I have experience with a wide range of target platforms from AWS to embedded ARM.

If you have a project that I may be able to help you with, you’re welcome to get in touch. My contact details are in my profile.

SEEKING WORK An experienced Technical Writer and User Experience designer. Resume https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/f2pyhgz8dk02nvyue7nkh/Steve_F... Portfolio: www.sfassmann.wordpress.com/portfolio Documentation can reduce the interest rate on your technical debt. By writing down the design philosophy of why we are making this? What problem it is trying to solve? What it is supposed to do? The code tells use the how, but the rest gives us the necessary context to grok the system and resolve bugs faster. I improved the documentation clarity of how systems are setup and used that reduced support calls by 60%, built out knowledge bases that reduced support call duration by 40%, and provided recommendations to developers about the user experience that eliminated entire classes of common failures by making it clear what the user was supposed to do and added data safety features that prevented server crashes.

SEEKING WORK | Location: Bangalore, India (Working in multiple Time-Zone-US/UK/AUS/NZ and EUR) Remote: Yes

Focus Areas: FinTech:- Financial Services Product Development, Payment SDKs, B2B SaaS (USA, Europe, India) AI & ML:- LLM, OpenAI, GPT4 All (Working with 4 clients in LLM based Agents)

SportsTech:- Sports Product Development (USA, Australia)

LegalTech:- Document Assembling, DocumentAI (Blockchain)

Real-time Engagement with Audio and video, Streaming

Technologies: NextJS, NestJS, NodeJs, Angular 14, TypeScript, Redux, NoSQL, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, Shopify, AWS, Serverless, Kubernetes, iOS, Java, React Native, Flutter, Full-stack

Availability: We are a product consulting & development studio. Due to budget cuts, 2 of our large customers have paused their engagements. We do have more bandwidth in the coming months. We also provide fractional engineers for services.

In the last engagement, we managed the front end (Storybook + React) & back end (Serverless). We follow a ticket-based branch strategy & have written unit test cases (TDD) as well.

Schedule a Chat: https://calendly.com/mobilefirst-intro Email: rupal(.)mobilefirst@gmail(.)com


Location : Bangalore, India.

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No.

Technologies: Java, Yourkit, Spring, Oracle, Postgresql, Mysql, DuckDB, MongoDB, Redis, Hazelcast, Ignite Javascript, Nodejs, React, Golang, Python, HTML, CSS, Git, bash, Docker AWS, Azure, C/C++, Assembler,



Email: anjan.jobs.2024@gmail.com

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anjanbacchu/

Github: https://github.com/anjanb

20+ years experience developing Products in multiple domains to be deployed in DMZ as well as SaaS. Backend focused Generalist Fullstack Software Engineer/Lead/Architect.

Have 10 years experience in USA and Switzerland working for Startups and Fortune 50/500 companies developing products and supporting them. Like recruiting and mentoring Engineers.


Freelance UX/UI & SaaS Product Designer for hire, remotely!


• Portfolio: https://SaaSDesigner.com

• Location: Remote

Hey, I'm Bren - a product & UX designer working remotely.

Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interaction Design. Over 8+ years of experience designing UI/UX for startups and entrepreneurs, including web and mobile apps.


I'm available for:

• Startup Idea to Startup Design - I can help turn that idea in your head into a fully-designed (MVP) product using my blazing fast design process.

• UX/UI Redesign & Modern Refresh - Your current UX design (or UI design) is poor and needs a complete or partial revamp. I can pinpoint issues and give it a modern design facelift.

• Unlimited UX & UI Designer Requests - I can provide ongoing and weekly design support, paid on a fixed monthly basis. Need user flows or journeys conceptualized? Personas made? Pitch deck slides? Wireframes and interactive, clickable prototypes? I can handle all that and more. You'll receive high-fidelity design deliverables and mockups based on the requests you submit. All based on growth and conversion-based design principles for startups.

• Retainer, ongoing UI / UX design arrangements available.

• Skills: Figma, Design Systems, SaaS Design, User Experience, User Interface, UX Design, UI Design

Email: bren@saasdesigner.com / Portfolio: https://SaaSDesigner.com


I'll teach your leadership, product or dev teams to build using AI/LLMs.

I do blogs, talks, demos and flexible workshops focused on building AI-powered features and workflows - using no/low-code tools (no IDE required!) and the latest AI services, tools and techniques relevant to your work. Perfect for teams who are early in their journey but don't want to get bogged down by theory or code.

Need to be on top of AI by end of Q2/Q3? Here's the shortcut: https://cal.com/jimleuk/30min


Hi, I'm Jim! I've been building with AI/LLMs since summer of 2023 when I was a head of dev at a top London digital product agency. I left at the start of this year to focus on AI/LLMs in digital products and currently freelance/consult for startups and professionals internationally. I'm based in London, UK and am happy to travel.

- LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/jimleuk

- Email: hello@jimle.uk

SEEKING WORK - Remote, US-based

Remote: Yes (have worked exclusively remotely for past 13 years)

Willing to relocate: No

I've been doing backend work for the past 13 years, with Python, Django, and Django REST Framework. I'm intimately familiar with schema and data migrations, including migrations between Django projects. I've done a lot of full-stack work as well, with HTML, CSS, JavasScript/jQuery, and React.js. I've worked extensively with startups and I've worked with Twitter. I have a lot of experience working with distributed teams and am open to occasional travel. Available full (~30hrs) or part time. Interested in Python work or full-stack with Python.

Résumé: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8b4x4qzEFAOS0FFb1NhcDBOVkE...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustan-bower-722331ba/

Email: dustan.bower at gmail

SEEKING FREELANCER | Deyan7 | Full Stack AI Engineer | Bochum, Cologne, Mainz, Germany | Remote possible | Full Time

We are Deyan7. We build leading AI solutions. Join our tech-savvy team and create solutions for generative AI and ChatGPT. Since the launch of GPT4 in March, we have implemented projects in areas such as fire protection, tax law, education, and medical devices using the latest language models. We develop AI co-pilots for engineers, AI coaches for schoolchildren, and suggestion systems for technical writers. We draw on decades of experience in software development for German global leaders. We see the potential of the technology, are curious about the next developments, and proud of what we are building.

As a Full Stack AI Engineer, you ideally should have fun to:

- experiment with genAI, LLMs and different retrieval technologies - build suiting Frontends - build Backends that bridge the gap between Frontend and the ML parts.

As a skilled freelancer, you should know how to handle RAG and RPA cases for multi-faceted kinds of input data.

You will be working closely with other devs and our customers, with the possibility to actively influence the direction of the project and to introduce new technology or approaches. Your project increment will always be working software that is really used and needed.

Here´s the catch: our customers are mostly German, hence the data is primarily German and therefore the output of our LLM inferences is German. So, be ready to use German at a C1 level at least!

Additionally, our working setup is currently not capable of handling any other time offsets than +- 3 hours from our local time (CET/CEST).

Drop a line to [ jobs at deyan7 dot de ] and make the world more productive with us!

SEEKING WORK | Edinburgh, UK | Remote or on-site | Web, UI/UX & Print Designer

Portfolio: https://angeliqueboudeau.org/#portfolio

Contact: hi@angeliqueboudeau.org

I’m a web & print designer who helps organisations involved in social and environmental causes. I’ve helped clients in the past with projects focused on thermal solar energy, household waste reduction, plant-based food advocacy and data science for social/environmental issues. My design process aims to understand your needs and challenges and create designs aligned with your goals and values.


Design services:

· Web design: responsive mobile/desktop designs that are lightweight and fast, where I can also arrange web development

· UI design: wireframes, mockups, clickable prototypes

· Print design: posters, flyers and business cards, with prints optimised for reduced ink and material usage

· Branding: logo design, style guides, posters, booklets, slideshows and social media banners

· Included in all services: advice on sustainability, accessibility (WCAG), content/copy, and SEO


Skills: Figma, FigJam, Canva, Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus. French, English. Basics of Git, HTML, CSS, Linux, Visual Studio Code, Hugo, static websites.


Contact me via https://angeliqueboudeau.org or hi@angeliqueboudeau.org with a short description of your project, and how you think I can help, then we can arrange a call to discuss next steps!


I'm a fractional CTO, product designer and engineer with ~ 16 years of experience. I help tech entrepreneurs and tech companies achieve their product and engineering goals. Depending on the stage:

1. Pre-product - I can help you turn an idea into a reality by trimming the scope to the essential and then designing, developing, and deploying a product.

2. Early traction - if your product is gaining traction then I can help you focus on the business by taking care of engineering: setting up infrastructure, processes, development practices, and leading product and engineering efforts.

3. Mature product - I can help you lead and contribute to complex technical initiatives behind mature products: legacy technologies and code bases, poor code quality and understandability, overstretched architecture.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Elixir (backend); vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM API, React, Stimulus, TypeScript (frontend); React Native, Swift, UIKit (mobile); Heroku, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, Terraform, Ansible (infrastructure)

Website: https://www.gregnavis.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/gregnavis/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregnavis/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gregnavis

E-mail: contact@gregnavis.com


Freelance Web Developer. Full-Stack.

Two types of projects are welcome:

- You want to hire someone hourly to help you with code in your app, anything you need.

- You want to develop a web application from scratch, you want to know the total cost of the project from the start and you want a designer to handle the UI/UX of the application. We will determine the requirements for a fixed scope and fixed pricing project.

Location: Costa Rica (LATAM).

Remote: Yes, any timezone (I reside in CT/UTC-6).

Languages: Spanish, English.

Programming: TypeScript, Rust, Elixir, Clojure, NixOS, AWS, Docker, NodeJS, Deno.

Portfolio: https://www.josecodea.com

Email: Refer to the bottom of my portfolio.

Proof of work with Elixir:

- My portfolio includes Open Source contributions.

Proof of work with Rust, NixOS and Docker:

- My portfolio includes two blog posts, each include a small Rust app that I made to turn on/off an EC2 server with a Discord bot.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Located in Poland, EST/PST timezones OK)


We are a small, dedicated team of a very efficient Python/Django experts, NodeJS, React and mobile (React Native) developers who helped startups get their prototypes and products launched in a record time. We've worked as a team extension or took over development of whole projects, provided outsourcing for Startups, created Prototypes, MVPs, provided on-site training for clients, consulting and maintenance.


  * Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, FastAPI, Airflow
  * TypeScript, React / React Native, NextJS, Angular/AngularJS, NodeJS, MERN, Electron
  * AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, Terraform, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
  * TensorFlow, NLTK, OpenCV, numpy, Pandas, Airflow, Kafka , Apache Flink (java/python), Apache Spark, Redpanda
Integrations: * Plaid, Stripe, Paypal, Shippo, Argyle

Email: hello [AT] rootxnet.com Ping us for some demos of our work!

WWW: https://rootxnet.com/

SEEKING WORK | U.S.A. | Remote

When you read the other posts on this page, you find a long series of borderline-unintelligible buzzwords, one after another after another. That's something that we will never do to you. We strive to communicate in clear, normal English that you won't have to get a college degree in computer science to understand. Our basic philosophy is that asking a client to make technical decisions about programming languages or databases is like asking a racecar driver to weigh in on the significance of drill bits used in the machining of his car's engine, or asking a pilot to decide what kind of airfoil to use in his airplane's wings. The whole point is that they don't need to know or care, and neither do you! Email me when you have ecommerce-related technical problems that are costing you big money and need technical solutions as quickly and easily as possible: calm.water3626@fastmail.com. (It forwards right to my private inbox and cuts way down on spam, ensuring that I'm able to respond to you more quickly.)

SEEKING WORK | Canada | Remote

I have a PhD in computer engineering, focusing on operations research (OR). I specialize in developing solutions to OR problems and advising on OR matters for startups and small companies. In other words, I can translate real-world problems into mathematical models that can be solved via integer programming, constraint programming, or other optimization methods. I can implement and provide a production-ready solution for any type of problem you might have related to OR: scheduling, routing, etc.

Recent work includes an optimization model for the selection of indexes in Postgres: https://pganalyze.com/blog/index-advisor-v3

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/PhilippeOlivier/curriculum-vitae/blob/mai...

Website: https://www.pedtsr.ca

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE Available for part-time/full-time work

I am a UI/UX designer with over 5 years of experience. I've worked in health tech, fintech, crypto, logistics, music, and social media. I use user insights and research to create easy-to-use interfaces and great user experiences. I am known for my creativity, attention to detail, and passion for design.

Website: https://taiwodamilare.framer.website/

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YgZU_jb5uxBLAkaoL1xi6TjjAt9...

Email: taiwodamilare14@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Worldwide (EU-based) | Lead/Senior iOS Developer

iOS developer with over 14 years of experience developing, releasing and maintaining high quality mobile apps and games (e.g. https://apps.apple.com/app/id1215380527, https://itunes.apple.com/app/id572537866). I can handle a project through its entire lifecycle, keep great communication and make sure we are solving the right problems.

I'm open to flat-race pricing for well-scoped projects.

Tech stack: Expert in iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Objective-C, CI/CD pipelines, Bitrise, Git, GitHub, etc. Proficient with API design, backend, analytics, Crashlytics, JIRA, graphics programming, UX.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertodn/

Email: albertodenia [at] gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | REMOTE

Ex product manager & business developer for a web&mobile development agency, connected with a wide network of freelancers, decided to start own company. Expert in finding part or full-time mid/senior developers & designers for growing teams. Can also help you as part time PM. Currently working with three US clients.

Tech stack:

  Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), JavaScript (Vue.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js, React.js, TypeScript, AngularJS, jQuery)
  Backend: PHP, Java, Python (Django), C++, C#, Ruby, .NET, Go (Golang)
  Mobile: React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Xamarin, Flutter
  Databases: MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server
  Cloud: AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google
  UX/UI: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator
Let me know what your needs are and I'll get back to you ASAP. Email: klemen /at cnine /dot eu

SEEKING WORK | Europe/UK | Remote

Experienced Full-Stack Developer and Infrastructure Specialist available for part-time contract work.

With over 14 years in the industry, I have a background in fintech (5 years with banks and hedge funds), co-founding a startup (deepstreamHub.com), working on AI projects focused on mindfulness and mental health and contracting on infrastructure / cloud projects.

Skills & Expertise:

Infrastructure: AWS, Azure, Terraform, Docker, CI/CD, logging, and alerting systems. I focus on optimizing infrastructure, enhancing development speed (e.g., automatic QA environment creation on push), and finding ways to reduce cloud costs and its associated carbon footprint.

Full-Stack Development: Proficient in Postgres, MongoDB, React, React Native, Next.js, Tailwind, and NodeJS.

Recent Projects:

Marta.de: A German service using matching algorithms to pair elderly individuals with caregivers.

Agreewe.com: A modular blockchain platform for setting up contracts.

Tazamun.life: An AI-based meditation app (currently not live) that generates meditations using techniques like shamanism, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy.

Internal Tool: Developed for an organization on Azure to automate infrastructure deployments, version management, resource health monitoring, and PagerDuty integration. I'm looking for a part-time role with a motivated team where I can apply my skills and contribute to meaningful projects. If you have a need for infrastructure oversight without hiring full-time or a full-stack project that could use senior expertise, please get in touch.


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yasserfadl

Email: yasser.fadl@vlandor.com

SEEKING WORK | The Netherlands | Remote

I am a freelance Data Engineer with more than 10 years of data experience. I can also help with Analytics and ML engineering.

I supported Analysts/Data Scientists with engineering, worked on all sides of data pipelines: terabyte-scale click-data measurements, setting up CI/CD and infra, implementing ML algorithms, serving recommendations at ~5000 requests/sec, designing/implementing components of a data platform, and even developing a distributed stream processing framework (Flink).

* Languages: Python, SQL, Java, Scala

* Tools: dbt, Airflow, Spark, Flink, Beam, GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform

* Platforms: GCP (BigQuery, Storage, Bigtable, Dataproc, Dataflow), Azure (DevOps, Data Lake, Data Factory, Databricks)

Email: contact[at]gaborhermann.com

Website: https://gaborhermann.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GbrHrmnn

GitHub: https://github.com/gaborhermann

SEEKING WORK | New York City / London | Remote or on-site

Technologies: Python, Javascript (Node.js, TypeScript, React, React Native), Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS, GCP, OpenAI, Haskell, OCaml, GraphQL, SQL/Postgres, MongoDB, Redis.

Résumé/CV: Available on request via email

Email: sam [at] jayasinghe [dot] io

Generalist software engineer with a broad range of experience including frontend, backend, and cloud infrastructure development. Past roles include full stack engineering at a YC-backed startup and VP of Engineering at a quantitative hedge fund.

What sets me apart? I have entrepreneurship experience that gives me an understanding of the end-to-end product development process at early stage startups. I am skilled at taking initiative on projects and turning vaguely defined requirements into concrete solutions. I am passionate about functional programming, engineering reliable and scalable software systems, and building engineering teams that consistently deliver quality results. I also speak 3 languages fluently (English, Sinhala, and Mandarin Chinese).

SEEKING WORK | Armenia (EMEA) | REMOTE (relocate ok)

Developer, designer, entrepreneur (“And I said, no, mom, I'm an entrepreneur. And she said, no, you're unemployed.” — Brian Chesky)

Entrepreneur means I don't have a strictly technical mindset and can prioritize things according to what you currently need (eg I know how to execute things fast in order to validate ideas and find the market fit).

Designer means I can make things look pretty enough (so you don't have to onboard the actual designer too early on).

Developer means I can execute it.


Most proficient with the following tech stack: React, Next.js, Node, Express, Prisma, Hasura, Apollo, GraphQL, Tailwind, React Native, Electron, building Chrome extensions .. so on

Also have experience utilizing LLMs (RAG, fine-tuning, function calling, etc).

Some of my previous projects can be found here: https://github.com/oogxdd

Ideally I'd like to join a startup as a technical founder or find some contract work (3-6 months). But open to other opportunities as well

Drop me a message at ignatif@gmail.com to discuss more

SEEKING WORK | Remote | San Diego, CA (PST/PDT)

Independent software developer and system administrator available for flat-rate projects, and as a fractional embedded team member. I've been building and maintaining websites and full-stack software solutions for nearly eight years. My work emphasizes simplicity, security, accessibility, and reliability.

Solutions - Custom software development, content management systems

Services - Software development, Cloud sysadmin + DevOps, Software consulting, Tech leadership

Skills and experience - Read about my past freelance projects here: <https://www.matthewcardarelli.com/blog/client-stories.html>

- Web UI: HTML/CSS/JS (React, NextJS, Typescript, and more)

- Testing: Cypress, Jest

- Web server: Python (FastAPI), NodeJS (Express), GraphQL, Nginx

- Database: SQL RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite)

- Cloud sysadmin: AWS (RDS, S3, VPC, and more), GCP (Tasks, Cloud Functions, Firestore), Akamai/Linode

- DevOps: CircleCI, Terraform, Ansible, Docker/Podman

- Content mgmt: Wordpress

- Auth: OAuth 2.0 + OpenID Connect (Auth0)

- Always ready to learn new technologies.

Pricing - Available on a fractional or flat-rate project basis: <https://www.matthewcardarelli.com/pricing.html>

More information available at: <https://www.matthewcardarelli.com/>


Location: Greater New York (US Citizen)

Remote: Yes (Remote Only)

Willing to relocate: No

ABOUT: Experienced fullstack Software Engineer in React.js / TypeScript / Next.js / Node.js / GraphQL / C# / AWS / MongoDB / PostgreSQL / Cyber Security. Worked in different roles dealing with Product Development, Solution & Enterprise Architecture, Security & Cloud


• Web: React | TypeScript | JavaScript | Next.js | Node.js | Express.js | GraphQL | MongoDB | Chart.js | D3.js | Material-UI | Tailwind | Bootstrap | Figma | Retool

• Microsoft: .NET Core | C# | Asp.Net MVC | Web API | Linq | Entity Framework

• Data: SQL Server | PostgreSQL | MySQL | MongoDB | Redis | CouchDB

• Cloud: AWS | Azure | GCP | Docker | IAM | S3 | EC2 | SQS | RDS | Aurora | DynamoDB | Serverless Functions

• Packages & Tools: Typegoose | Mongoose | Axios | WebPack | Babel | NPM | Git | Jenkins | Splunk | SumoLogic | Jira | Keycloak

• API Integration: Salesforce | Zoom | Google Calendar | Zuora

Email: jainrasik [at] gmail.com

Resume/CV: https://www.rasikjain.com/resume/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rasikjain/

Github: https://github.com/rasikjain

Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/1993944/rasik-jain


  Location: United States
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
    - JavaScript, TypeScript
    - Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React, Express, GraphQL, HTMX
    - OpenAI, AWS, GCP, Docker, MongoDB, SQL
    - Technical Writing, SEO, Content Marketing, Documentation, Docs, Markdown, Git
  Résumé/CV: https://rb.gy/w4btb0
  Email: derick.realwebdev[at]gmail.com
  GitHub: https://github.com/dericksozo/
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derick-ruiz-413061128/
Hey, I'm Derick Sozo Ruiz, a JavaScript Developer and Technical Writer with over 5 years of experience. I've written articles, emails, and developer docs for startups at different stages, including YC companies, helping them grow by using my technical knowledge and writing skills.

With over 5 years of experience in technical writing, I've contributed to various companies including:

- Crossmint (web3 payments): Helped attract more web3 NFT developers through a complete overhaul of technical documentation and new technical posts on Medium, leading to a 1.4x increase in onboarded developers in July 2022.

- Amplication (>13K GitHub stars): Revamped developer docs, wrote high-quality technical content, and doubled documentation engagement, resulting in a 53% increase in average documentation page visits per user and 63,478 total documentation page visits within 6 months.

- Vue Mastery: Grew Medium traffic by over 479,000 views through 8 educational, SEO-focused articles, achieving a total read time of 161 hours and 18 minutes.

- Text Blaze (YC W21), DigitalOcean, and The Startup (a top publication on Medium).

If you're looking for a technical writer who understands developers and can help you write articles, emails, or developer docs then I'm your guy.

Thank you.

SEEKING WORK | Italy (GMT+1) | Remote

Full-stack developer and web performance consultant with 9 years of experience.

Available part-time or full-time, solo or as part of a small team.

I can work with TypeScript, Clojure and Zig. GCP certified (Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Data Engineer).

Email: giacomo@giacomodebidda.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giacomodebidda/

Site/Blog: https://www.giacomodebidda.com/

Free consultation: https://cal.com/giacomodebidda/30min

Note: if you work in the healthcare sector, definitely get in touch. I am a biomedical and clinical engineer by training.

hey peer here from cal.com

saw you are using us already

we have 2 roles open: cal.com/jobs

we have a TON of healthcare customers

FREELANCER | SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | DATA SCIENCE & MACHINE LEARNING Location : Based in Paris, available for part-time remote work: 5-20 hours per week. Rate : either fixed per project or by the hour / day.

Hi there! I'm Madriss, a seasoned Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with 7+ years of experience across various industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, and digital marketing.

I specialize in NLP, and Generative AI driven solutions. Currently, I'm seeking part-time opportunities to apply my expertise and tackle exciting projects.

Whether you need assistance with data analytics, model development, or AI implementation, I'm here to help. Let's collaborate to turn your data into actionable insights!

Feel free to reach out at m [dot] seksaoui [at] gmail [dot] com or connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madriss-seksaoui/

SEEKING WORK - Fractional Product Leader | Consultant | Advisory Services Location: I am based in the North East, Open to working with individuals anywhere in the USA/Europe Company: Ashley Grace Consultancy

This post is for founders or investors looking to build a product/digital experience that actually solves their customers problems. Skilled at running an effective discovery to pinpoint gaps and opportunities in the market, help narrow feature set for MVP, Assess gaps, Turn strategy into action, Help with Pitch Decks/Prep for Fundraising

I always offer free 45 min sessions to chat. Learn more about me here: LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleygracejefferson/ Website: https://www.ashleygracejefferson.com/ Email: ashley [at] ashleygracejefferson [dot] com

  Roman - Data, UX, Innovation

  - (Technical) Product Manager. 
  - Comfortable with ambiguity. 
  - Good at coding, data, marketing.
  - Fast-moving company from 5-50 people. 
  - Low-ego, output-driven, async-first.

  - R, Python, SQL.
  - HTML / CSS / JS.
  - All kinds of web and product analytics.


Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/romanabashin or https://calendly.com/romanabashin/30min

If you are curious what I care about: https://memoir-app.com

SEEKING WORK – Remote or Central Virginia, US-based

— Junior Developer —

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: With Assistance

I’m an entry level developer with skills in Python, Django, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and Assembly. I have an Associates of Computer Science from Piedmont Virginia Community College, work towards a Bachelors of Computer Science at James Madison University, and I have extensive training in networking and security through the military. I have a lapsed Secret security clearance as well.

I’ve worked with distributed teams in the past, where I taught myself Blueprints for Unreal Engine 4, animation through Maya, and how to establish an animation pipeline.

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-d7cOL7DtNHaP07QK9eVA80a...

Git: https://github.com/SanguinemDracones

Email: nathan.paul.ramsay@gmail.com

Seeking Work | Remote

Highly motivated Senior Software Engineer with a passion for product development, available for both short and long-term remote projects.

Proven Track Record Across Industries:

I bring extensive experience working with startups and mid-to-large sized businesses across diverse sectors, including healthcare, entertainment, sports, publishing, and real estate.

Technical Expertise:

Backend Development: Adept at building robust and scalable backend systems for web and mobile applications.

Data Pipelines: Possess strong skills in designing and implementing data ingestion and transformation pipelines.

Full-Stack Flexibility: Proficient in various technologies, including Python (Django & Flask), Node.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase, and cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Why Choose Me:

Collaborative & Adaptable: I thrive in fast-paced environments and excel at quickly understanding business needs.

Delivery Focus: Driven to deliver polished software solutions that meet project requirements.

Tech Stack:

Languages/Frameworks: Python, Django, Flask, Node.js

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Contact: contact [at] kashifaziz [dot] me

SEEKING WORK - Founding Engineer (Remote, US)

TypeScript engineer with LLM, management / startup CTO experience.

Recent Projects:

* Helping YC founder optimize their LLM prompt engineering stack.

* Building LLM agent using OpenAI's new agent API v2.

* Helping a client with SOC-2 and HIPAA.

* Launching workmaps.com with the founders.

* Building the frontend for an AI legal tech in Next.js, Mantine.

About me:

* In EST, moving to SF or Seattle early next year and prioritizing opportunities in those cities.

* Currently freelance work is my career, so I take my work seriously - it's not just a side hustle for me. I'm open to becoming full-time for the right client.

* My partner is also available to work with me as a full stack engineer and we make a great 2 person team. We've done 3 huge projects together so far.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisrxth/

Past Work: https://www.thoughtful.llc/portfolio

Email: forchrisroth@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Seattle | Remote OK

I am a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Google Style, with experience at both large and small organizations. I can help you build a Platform Engineering practice from the very beginning. I'm looking to help small dev teams increase their velocity by implementing best-practices of Devops: CI/CD, Kubernetes Deployments, and effective Monitoring frameworks.

Check out my recent talk at SRECon: https://youtu.be/dswPHnfGwlY

My resume: https://resume.gauntletwizard.net/ThomasHahnResume.pdf

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-hahn-3344ba3/

My Github: https://github.com/GauntletWizard


Location: UK/Southeast Asia/East Asia

Remote: Yes (unless you're somewhere interesting), nomading right now.

Technologies: Python & NodeJS (Typescript), Django, Flask, AWS, Terraform, Svelte, React, Postgres, K8s, MongoDB. More here: https://jasonkelly.dev

Résumé/CV: https://jasonkelly.dev/cv.pdf

Email: jason {@} jasonkelly {.} dev


I'm a Software Engineer with ~12 years of experience. I've worked across a fair few stacks at this point but have a fair amount of experience in Python & JavaScript, not to mention general DevOps stuff. I've also worked across a few different roles, from Lead Dev to Engineering Manager.

I'm currently nomading around Southeast Asia and am keen to find some contract/freelance/consulting work. I'm pretty flexible with what I'm looking for in all honesty, my main want is to help solve problems and write some great code.

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | Anywhere (from GMT+7)

Part-time or Full-time Contract up to 1-FTE


I am an experienced Django and Python developer who is currently looking for his next assignment. I am experienced in building and maintaing both front-end as well as back-end Python based web-applications. I see myself as a problem-solver first, and a developer second.

My tech expertise covers: Django, Python, Flask, FastAPI, HTMX, AlpineJS, React & TypeScript. I also know my way around DevOps principles fairly well. When building applications I have experience in the field of APIs, CRM, ERP, HR, Cloud gaming, OCR and AI. You can read more about me on my website, or the recently linked LinkedIn post.

Email: edwin@genego.io

Website: https://edwin.genego.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7187586...

SEEKING WORK, Data Engineer, Primarily Remote / Bay Area

Well-rounded Scala data engineer with deep knowledge of the internals of distributed datastores. Solid experience working remotely and working with teams that are distributed geographically. I typically work Pacific Time hours.

Core Skills:

● Cassandra (Data Modeling, Troubleshooting Performance And Operational Issues)

● Stream Processing At Scale: Kafka, Flink, Spark Streaming

● Custom-Crafted TF-IDF / Embeddings, Vector-Based Semantic Search, Deep Intent Recognition In Search Engine Queries

● Languages: Scala, Python, SQL (proficient), Rust, Golang (ramping up)

Other Skills: Airflow, DBT, Snowflake, Qdrant, Databricks/DeltaLake, BigQuery, Redshift, Kinesis, PrestoSQL/Trino, Airbyte, Reverse-Engineering Search Engine Technologies.

Educational Background: Computer Science.

More details: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c22IdKLc09TQSGiQnoVpFl4XVnT...

E-mail address in the profile.



I have worked for venture-backed startups for 8+ years, validating B2B products & building sales teams from the ground up (ending with VP of Sales).

I specialize in helping technical founders validate B2B product ideas, pre-sell so you have paying customers at launch, and use that information to build compelling sales/marketing.

For your first call, once I learn more about your idea, I will build a plan with you on how to get your MVP off the ground (for free).

If you love my work, then we can figure something more officially after.

Any questions? You can book 15 minutes here: https://calendly.com/jake-haynes-gtm-bot/jake-s-intro?month=...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-haynes/

SEEKING WORK | Location: Bangalore, India (Working in multiple Time-Zone-US/UK/AUS/NZ and EUR) Remote: Yes

Focus Areas: SportsTech:- Sports Product Development (USA, Australia, Europe)

Technologies: ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, NextJS, NestJS, TypeScript, AWS, ComputerVision, SportsCode, SportsData.io, MachineLearningCompute

Availability: We are an end-to-end technology development company specializing in Sports APIs, Digital Solutions, Video Analysis, and Fan Engagement. Due to recent changes in engagements, we have bandwidth available for new projects. We also offer fractional engineering services.

In previous engagements, we've contributed to high-profile projects for major sports leagues like NFL, NHL, and MLB, focusing on web and mobile app development, digital playbooks, and athlete training solutions.

Schedule a Chat - https://calendly.com/mobilefirst-intro Email:rupal(.)mobilefirst@gmail(.)om

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


Design: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Experience and Miro

Presentation: Keynote, InVision, Microsoft PowerPoint

Project Management: Jira, Kanban Boards, and Trello

Prototyping Tools: InVision, Axure RP and Figma

Programming: Basic HTML & CSS

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1stXm3PbP-_20SKp-RK-KEPfINGO...

Email: shetyemanasi18[at]gmail[dot]com

Introduction: I am a UI/UX designer with a background in graphic design, art direction, and more than six years of experience in the design industry. I am proficient in creating digital products in agile environments for the consumer and healthcare markets. With my strong analytical, research, and teamwork skills, I have successfully led a variety of projects from conception to development in both office and remote settings. I have extensive experience crafting personas, qualitative analysis, user journeys, user flows, user interface design, low and high fidelity prototypes, stakeholder presentations and design systems for UI components.

I am looking for full-time contract or freelance/consulting opportunities at the moment (up to 40 hours/week) in UI UX Design

Portfolio: https://www.manasishetye.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manasi-shetye


Need help with migrating to next.js? Looking for a React developer who would be productive from day 1?

Hi. I'm looking for full-time remote roles in a well-funded stable company (I will work in the company's core office hours. 0 issues with timezones. Been working remotely before covid)

Building websites since 2016, working with React since 2018 and have 2 years of production next.js experience

Super comfortable with Next.js, React, Redux (with sagas), tailwind, material ui, styled-components, SEO schemas, AMP, MERN, scalable deployment on GCP/AWS/Vercel, incremental migration and parallel deployment (WordPress blogs, new next.js code and old code working on the same domain)

I value web performance (web vitals) and accessibility and could create high conversion dynamic pages

Email: contact+hn@abhineet.me

Résumé/CV: https://abhineet.me

SEEKING WORK | Boston USA | REMOTE | Technical Content Writer and Strategist

Hi! My name is Jeremy Barbosa and I am technical content strategist looking to take on new clients. Originally a software engineer for a cloud storage unicorn, I became an educator to teach others how to code as well. Now I combine both of these skill sets to write about the latest technologies right as they release!

If you need anything written, please reach out to me at mail@jeremybarbosa.com


My Main Services

- Content Strategy: Crafting data-driven content plans tailored to your business goals.

- Blog Content Creation: Producing well-researched, engaging, and SEO-friendly blog posts.

- SEO Optimization: Ensuring your content ranks well on search engines to attract organic traffic.

- Content Distribution: Promoting your content across various channels to maximize reach and impact.

- Analytics and Reporting: Providing insights and performance reports to continuously improve your content strategy.


Website: https://jeremybarbosa.com



Location: Medellin / Austin Texas

Remote: YES

Got a great idea, and looking to build a web application prototype? Let's make it happen.

I'm JRO, a "full-stack" web application developer & entrepreneur, and would love to help you get your app idea out of your head, and into the world.

Tech stack: Python / Django / React / SQLite & Postgres / APIs / Docker / Fly.io & AWS

Specialty tech: Voice synth (Piper, ElevenLabs), Video & audio conversion/processing (FFmpeg), document conversion - Markdown, EPUB, PDFs (Pandoc), payment processing (Stripe), open-source, searchable team knowledge-bases & (VSCodium / FOAM / MkDocs, local LLMs)

Want to learn how to program? We'll pair-program while building & launching your project together, and we'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Hourly rate: $175 USD / hour

Week rate: $3-4k USD

* 20% discount for teachers & musicians.

* I welcome barter/skill trade!

Ready to get started? ASK@Cambria-Labs.com

SEEKING WORK: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA; Contract, Remote-only. I have more than 20 years of professional experience in software architecture and development across various domains and the Cloud. Although I have a long history of using C and C#, my primary focus has been developing a multitenant, SaaS GIS web application using cutting-edge technologies such as Go, Azure Cloud Services, Kubernetes, MongoDB Atlas, Okta IAM, Rust, Terraform, and Bazel since 2019.

About Me: https://www.abitofhelp.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeljosephgardner GitHub: https://github.com/abitofhelp


16 yoe developing software systems with FOSS and contributing back.

In the past I got my bits of fame for WHDD https://whdd.github.io/demo/ and the analysis of energy consumption by mobile chat apps: https://decentim.grafana.net/public-dashboards/92602d3a4aa84...

I've worked in many areas, notably back end, multimedia streaming and communication services (IPTV, CCTV, VVoIP), Linux kernel drivers, debugger development. My contributions to FOSS include the kernel, FFmpeg, GStreamer and Gentoo.

  Github: https://github.com/andrey-utkin/
  Website: https://autkin.net
  Email: hn@autkin.net

SEEKING WORK / JAPAN / REMOTE Willing to relocate: no Technologies: Startup Tech Consulting, Devops, Svelte, React, Python/Django, AWS, Docker, Terraform

Resume/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philisaac/ [or] https://philisaac.com

Email: isaac.phil [at] gmail [dot] com

Sr. full stack engineer and manager, 8+ years experience. Former co-founder and head of engineering at a successful startup (>1M MRR). Currently consulting and doing freelance work leveraging technology like Svelte, React, AWS, and Supabase to make quick to build and easy to maintain web apps for clients.

Passionate about connecting startups with the right technology to help them scale and build maintainable apps.

SEEKING WORK Product Designer | US| Remote

With almost a decade of experience in Visual, UI/UX, and Product design, I help companies translate their visions into impactful digital products using user-centric design principles. As a contract designer, I: • Designed and tested 5 MVPs, securing a total of $11M funding • Collaborated with dev teams to ship 4 fully-featured apps and release 10 new features • Developed the visual identity for 4 new digital products, creating scalable UI systems for each.

Website: https://www.concepto.studio/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariana-herrera-smutt/

Email: marianasmutt@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK, Croatia, remote work is preferred (EU, US, Asia). I've got 6 years of experience as a DevOps engineer, and I have my own entity in Croatia through which I do contracting. I consider my self to be an engineer that focuses on fundamentals, rather than just knowing a technology or a cloud vendor. I've got a good understanding of programming, linux, networking and system architecture. In a true DevOps fashion, I'm open to doing pretty much anything that is required: coding, automating, managing IAM, doing sys admin stuff, Kubernetes etc...

I'm very flexible and i preferre open communication and to have clear ownership.

If anybody is interested feel free to contact me and I'll forward you my CV. (benjamin.kusen@gmail.com)

Cheers, Ben


• Location: Georgia/Russia/Armenia

• Remote: Yes, I’m self-employed and work remotely full-time.

• Relocate: +

• Email: hi@geor.gy

• Socials: Twitter (@georgydesign), Telegram (@georgydesign), YouTube (@georgy.design)

• Projects + site: https://georgydesign.com

I’m an interface designer and Webflow developer — basically, I make websites since 2020 (yep, the outbreak changed my life).

Design and develop websites for clients (be it landing pages, company sites, ecommerce, blogs), integrate/connect various services to Webflow via API/n8n, and work on my course and private community. I’m a very active member in no-code communities, but I also provide paid mentorships.

Currently, I came to my hometown in RU to visit my parents, but will move to Thailand/China/SEA afterward.

Feel free to reach out about your project, job offer, or just say hi!


Contract, part-time, technical co-founder

Location: Africa or REMOTE

Willing to relocate: yes, to any location in Africa, where I can get the necessary permission to live and work.

Technologies: Linux, Fullstack, System Administration.

Résumé/CV: on request (software development, CTO, mentoring, training, fluent in English and German)

Contact Email: see profile or http://codingforafrica.at/

Like this Ask HN: Recommend employers with positive social impact [https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31518945], I am looking for similar work. I am a European software developer who has lived and worked on four continents. Now it's time to move on and so I am in the process to relocate to Africa.

While I could find a job elsewhere I believe that the experience living in an area where my work is going to have an impact gives me a better understanding of the needs of the location I am serving. Whether it is through direct contact with clients and users or just by being part of a local community and learning about the reality of living there.

I have more than a decade of experience running a company, doing software development, support and training and mentoring adults and students, as well as working on educational projects, and I am willing to take on a mixture of roles as needed to support a project.

I am also open to work for companies anywhere as long as the work can be done fully remote from Africa.

In addition, my plan to use some of my income to hire local interns and junior developers and train them in order to pass on my experience. If you want to support this, I would love to work with you. Also if you are interested in hiring African developers yourself. I can help you build up your team.

SEEKING FREELANCER | Boulder, CO | Remote | US Time Zone

At Uplift, we’re on a mission to perfect our work life while learning, building, and enjoying our free time. We're looking for well rounded software engineers to join our team. Contract, contract-to-hire or open to employment. Many more details on our website https://www.uplift.ltd/careers

High level requirements are 5 or more years of professional experience in at least 2 of these:

* React/React Native

* Django/python or TypeScript/Node.js

* GraphQL (API implementation, Schema design, performance)

At the moment, we prioritize US-based candidates with 6 or more years of experience.

May start part time & ramp up.

Bonus for all positions:

* Freelance experience: delivered projects, managed budget/estimate, worked with non-technical clients (most important)

* Can think critically, build from rough specs (no designs or detailed specs)

* AWS or GCP basic infrastructure

* PHP framework experience, e.g. Laravel (WordPress excluded)

* Excellent CSS skills

* Native iOS/Android

* SQL experience

One of our core values is continuous learning: within the industry & from each other. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. If you're self-sufficient, passionate & a good communicator, apply now!

Web designers can check out our site for details.

#### To apply:

You have at least 20 hours per week available, and are located in a US timezone.

Visit https://www.uplift.ltd/careers/, select a position, and follow the instructions.


I build pragmatic software for business owners--balancing speed, value, and cost. I understand software is a liability and technical decisions should be weighed against long-term business goals.

With 8 years experience building everything from interactive front-ends to from-scratch MVP products you'll get the most value from me as a technical partner, rather than just a code monkey. I'm not a "yes-man" (That's a feature!) I will push back on short-sighted technical decisions that will hinder your business's long-term growth.


Get your project proposals reviewed, *for free*, and walk away with a set of questions to ensure the project will deliver the business value you need. I do this to make intros and build my network. You will not owe a dime or otherwise be obligated to anything unless we mutually agree to undertake additional work together afterwards.

I reduce overhead by operating full-stack: designing, shipping features, fixes, and improving DX. I put a lot of emphasis on repeatable processes and leveling-up the people around me.

My experience with NodeJS/Typescript, React, and TailwindCSS is extensive. I have worked in many of the surrounding ecosystems and paradigms including serverless, and SSR/SSG (astro, etc). I have also done a lot of Ruby on Rails recently, in an enterprise ecosystem including integrating ActionCable, Hotwire (Turbo, Stimulus, etc).


GitHub: https://github.com/adamtaylor13

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamtaylor13

website: https://adamtaylor.me

resume: https://adamtaylor.me/skills

Original comment was too long, here's some recent projects I've worked on (some of which can also be seen on my site above):

- (Early Alpha) Grapplegrid: In-house jiu jitsu Tournament App: (https://grapplegrid-latest.onrender.com)

- Front-end flight-path algorithm visualizer using CesiumJS.

- MatNative, mobile jiu jitsu gym management application to help gym owners spend less time managing and more time on the mats.

- North Idaho Health, online healthcare provider directory for the North Idaho region.

SEEKING WORK - Currently Remote from Thailand (UTC+7), with potential for short on-site trips if necessary. Relocating to Australia soon(ish).

20 years experience across a mixture of Ops/Infrastructure/Dev-Tools and web application architecture and development, with a focus on solving unique/uncommon problems.

I’m looking for opportunities to help companies with backend/server-side architecture & development (primarily PHP MVC), system integration and/or server infrastructure setup/maintenance.

I currently work remotely from Thailand, on a reasonably flexible schedule (I can schedule work hours to get overlap with most other timezones when required) but on-site visits to pretty much anywhere are a possibility if required too.

Contact me via email (in my profile) if you want to have a chat about what you’re working on!

SEEKING WORK | Remote (based in Denver, Colorado, USA)


Got an embedded programming challenge you need solved? I'll solve it!

14 years of experience, and I've seen it all; for the past decade I've been exclusively consulting independently. Past clients have included companies large and small, with everything from green-field ideas for new products to tricky situations with existing products they needed fixed. Comfortable working under regulatory constraints; many of the projects I've worked on have been medical devices.

C is my bread and butter on the embedded side, and Python is my go-to for developing PC utilities and scripts, but I'm comfortable working in a lot of languages from assembly all the way up to Javascript when needed. I can even patch embedded binaries by hand when needed.

Architectures? Well, these days it's mostly ARM Cortex, but I've done everything from 8051 and 6502 to STM8 to PIC16/24 to all of the modern stuff, plus a handful of really obscure things. Specific chip families that I've dealt with a lot lately include STM32, nRF5x, and PIC16, but again, I've successfully worked with MCUs from NXP, SiLabs, Renasas, Atmel, Nordic, Microchip, and various other vendors.

Super comfy with Linux, though most of my practice is bare-metal or with true RTOSes.

Bespoke drivers need development? No problem. USB, I2C, SPI, CAN? Yup, all of those and more. BLE, LoRa? Expert. Power optimization for battery operation? I squeeze out every last nanoamp -- and can quantify the improvement.

BS in EE. I have a fully equipped lab bench, including for RF out to 8 GHz. Bringing up boards, debugging hardware, and consulting on hardware improvements are all no problem. I do embedded hardware design, too, if that's what you need.

US citizen, masters from Stanford.

Feel free to reach out and let's see if there's a good fit. Thanks!



Remote: Yes. I am working remotely with clients from USA, UK/EU, AUS/NZ for last 12+ years.

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Senior Ruby on Rails developer with 12 + years of experience, Rails upgrade, Rails security audit, Rails tech-debt reduction planning, DevOps, fractional CTO

Résumé/CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fvnKGKM6T2yAtkMhShAyxJtS...

Email: skfix@outlook.com

I am Sunil, a Ruby on Rails specialist with super happy clients from all over the world. I am open to part-time, and full-time opportunities.


Location: Serbia

Remote: Yes

Technologies: React, Next.js, JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Astro, TailwindCSS, Jest, Cypress, Prisma, PostrgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, C#/.NET

Resume/CV: Available on request

GitHub: https://github.com/nemanjam

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nemanja-mitic

Email: nemanja.mitic.elfak [at] hotmail.com

I am a full stack developer with a Master's degree in Computer Science and 4 years of professional experience with JavaScript and C#/.NET. In the last few years my main focus has been the React/Next.js ecosystem, followed by Node.js. I am a JavaScript professional and a Python beginner interested to get more exposure to it. I have also worked with ASP.NET in the past which is not my primary focus at the moment. I have a basic understanding of DevOps tools.

A quick and easy way to assess my current skill level, the quality of my code and documentation, and my preferred tech stack (Next.js, TypeScript, React Query, Prisma, Postgres, TailwindCSS, Docker, Github Actions) is to check out one of my latest projects: https://github.com/nemanjam/nextjs-prisma-boilerplate

I have experience working remotely for startups within globally distributed multicultural teams.

You can check out my other projects at https://github.com/nemanjam . I have detailed resume available, you can tell me about your project by email: nemanja.mitic.elfak [at] hotmail.com or by LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nemanja-mitic .


Résumé/CV: https://olano.dev/resume/ GitHub: https://github.com/facundoolano Email: facundo.olano@gmail.com Technologies: Erlang, Elixir/Phoenix, Python (Flask, FastAPI, Django, Celery), Golang, Rust, Clojure, Postgres, Redis, AWS, DataDog, Terraform.

Hi, I'm Facundo. I'm a Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience, most recently developing and operating large-scale backend systems. I've done technical leadership, project management, and legacy modernizations. I'm good at understanding business and customer needs, and writing reliable software.

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote Only


Robbert, front end developer with 8+ years experience. Focus on interactive interfaces in React.

If you need someone to build a dashboard, web app, interactive widget, or beautiful animations with great UX, look no further.

I’ve got experience designing and building complex interfaces with React, using a variety of tech stacks: Next.js, Tailwind, Framer Motion, Redux, Zustand, Radix, Material UI, shadcn/ui and more.

Non-tech qualities: Clear and open communicator, reliable, and able to not just implement but also design interfaces with business needs in mind.

Looking for: Clearly defined projects (<12 months) and also open to part time or smaller short term assignments.

Portfolio: https://www.studiokoro.com

Email: robbert@studiokoro.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Washington D.C

I'm a full stack developer and designer.

I'll build you a minimal lovable product for a fixed $9K and in 5 weeks. I use Ruby/Rails, Turbo, and Vanilla JS.

To see some of my recent work:


A sample project: https://oatmel.com/ - https://github.com/breue/oatmel

Another sample: https://ooutliers.com/

I also specialize in natural language processing: https://zachhajjaj.com/nanobird_relevancy_engine.pdf


Location: US/Canada

Remote: Yes, but not necessary

Willing to relocate: Yes, within North America (US & Canada)

Technologies: React, Javascript, Node.js, SQL, PostgreSQL, Supabase, MongoDB, Flask, TypeScript, AWS,

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xfVDFXK_sxEhH9CTBeM32-fWSW2...

Email: deasisrj1 [ at ] gmail.com

I'm just starting out in my tech career, and I've got some experience building full-stack apps. I'm excited to find a new tech job. I'm interested in front-end or maybe even dive into full-stack development. But I'm open to other roles too – I'm here to learn and grow!

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Worldwide (EU-based)

  Location: Berlin, Germany
  Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Rust, GraphQL, SQL
  Technologies: React, React Native, Node.js, Juniper, Diesel, Flask, Actix, Docker, SQLite, PosgreSQL, Firebase
  Résumé/CV: koray.onl/resume
  GitHub: github.com/koraybey
  Email: hello (at) koray.onl
Decade of individual contribution and leadership experience in product-led cross-platform application management and development. I founded two venture-capital backed start-ups and launched apps adopted by millions of users, attaining exceptional user ratings (lowest is 4.8 stars out of 5).

I am looking for Senior / Lead Product, Engineering or hybrid roles.

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote (West Coast US time zone preferred)

We're a small startup focused on B2B environmental data management, currently wrapping up a significant redesign. We are looking for a UX/UI designer skilled in Figma to continue where our previous designer left off. The project is short-term but could lead to more work.

Ideal if you're comfortable designing for data management and mapping focused applications and can work with some overlap with US PT hours. Experience with designing for data management and/or environmental science could both be helpful.

Please reach out and share any relevant background/portfolio if you are interested: hello [at] talloaks.io

SEEKING WORK | New York, NY | Remote Hi, I’m Ugur, a UI/UX designer with 10+ years of experience. I make websites and apps easy to use and good-looking. I’m ready to help your brand stand out. Need design help? Whether it’s a website refresh or a user-friendly app, I’ve got you covered. I believe in clear communication and teamwork to bring your vision to life. Let’s make something great together. Interested? Reach out, and let’s chat about your project.

Portfolio: https://www.ugurturgut.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ugur-turgut

SEEKING WORK | FinTech focused Dev Shop | REMOTE or Office Team Strength: 65+ Devs focused on FinTech Web, Mobile & Cloud

FinTech Expertise: Financing/ Lending Journey, Investment & Wealth Products, Risk Analysis, InsureTech

Frameworks: Plaid, Codat.io, Rutter, Salt Edge, Persona/ Prove, Alloy, Canopy LMS, KYC, Onboarding, AML/FATF

30 mins Chat: https://calendly.com/arpand

Fees: $27 to $45/hour


  - Frontend: React/NextJS, Vue, Tailwind CSS, Java/Typescript 

  - AI: LLM, Langchain, Pinecone, ChromaAPI, OpenAI 

  - Backend: Nest/Node, Serverless, Kubernetes, Docker

  - Mobile: React Native, Flutter, Native
Contact: arpan@mobilefirst.in

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | I am helping analysts BI professionals to use technical & industrial data

* Location: Germany

* Remote: Yes, I’m self-employed and work remotely.

* Site: https://orellgarten.com

* LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ogarten/

I have done several projects for small and medium businesses and as well as large enterprises. I have build custom data and software solutions (mostly with Python) to ingest , transform and harmonize device and machine data (logs, sensor values, ...) for later analysis.

Open for all kinds of projects. Just send me an e-mail at hello[at]orellgarten.com


Full stack developer available up to half time.

Current focus is Java native Android, or React Native frontend; Node.js/Express.js backend, Firebase RTDB and Firestore for data storage. However, I'm equally happy with SQL or noSQL. Some iOS, MongoDB, React (for web) etc experience. 10+ years software development work experience.

I prefer to arrange fixed price contracts with 50% up front, but it's negotiable.

I like working on existing projects to fix bugs or add features. I also like developing proof-of-concept applications. If any of that sounds like something you're looking for, please email me for further discussion! fullstackdev@fullstackoasis.com

  SEEKING WORK | Stockholm, Sweden | Remote (or hybrid)

  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jens-l-3949563/

  Email: (contact via LinkedIn)

  Open for: CTO / VP / Director of Engineering roles, interim or permanent
I’ve held several tech leadership roles (e.g. CTO/VP) in online product companies, e.g. within SaaS, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, etc. Mostly startups and scale-ups.

My specialty is “leader of leaders” roles, when a growing team needs somebody with experience of developing orgs, coaching staff and managers, technical leadership, strategy development, etc. Also comfortable with semi hands-on leadership of smaller teams.

SEEKING WORK, Montreal, Remote

Finishing an MSc in compilers, ideally looking for contract work to fund further studies. Keeping it short:

I work mostly in Python, JavaScript, Scheme and C. I have experience anywhere from building and maintaining full-stack web apps in the healthcare sector to working on research (but production-ready) Python and Scheme compilers or debugging WebSockets implementation issues using WireShark to web scraping to programming ESP32, etc. Working at all levels of abstraction, throughout the stack, is what I love about compilation. Fundamentals are universal. Do what you must.

Some buzzwords: Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Lambda, Python, JavaScript, Scheme, C, VueJS, PostgreSQL, OpenBSD, etc...


Location: Ukraine (GMT+3) Remote: Yes

Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, NestJS, React, VueJS, TypeScript, Canvas API, ThreeJS, PixiJS, MongoDB, Cloudflare, AWS, K8s, REST APIs, WebSockets

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GzSC87_HjhiTp4m8lCQ2RQCvvEL...

Email: In CV

Github: https://github.com/ssleptsov

Full stack senior engineer with 10+ years of experience. I have a can-do attitude and have the ability to be hands on, work collaboratively and autonomously. I am looking for short contract or full-time remote work.

  10 to 20 contracting hours per week, remote
Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience across many facets of the industry. Skilled in building secure, real-time and highly performant products in Elixir & Rust. Frequent Open Source contributor [0].

  Location: UK
  Technologies: Elixir, Rust, JS, Swift, Phoenix, Rustler, Ecto, Postgres, InfluxDB, DuckDB, AWS & more (see resume)
  Résumé/CV: https://standardresume.co/r/elliotekj
  Email: elliotjackson@mailbox.org
[0]: https://elliotekj.com/opensource

    Technologies: Java, SpringBoot, Python, Django, Flask, SQL, MongoDB, Golang. 
    projects: https://alles-tools.com/
    Email: suvarnanarayanan2g (at) gmail.com

    Seeking a first customer. I mostly work with Java - please be cool with it. 
    I have experience, mostly dealing with, web applications but I'm down to 
    make you anything that can be realistically done, albeit I would need a bit 
    more time than usual if it is not web dev.

    Payment: Paypal only
    Fees: Up for negotiation - but I am not going to charge much as this is my 
    first rodeo :)


Uk based and available remotely. Fractional Django Consultant/Freelancer available on a part-time basis.

I offer a range of services in the hashtag#Django ecosystem, all of them on a hashtag#fractional basis and for a fixed price, no estimates to be seen here.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Need some help mentoring juniors or doing code review? Need some extra senior engineering time, but don't have the capacity? Need an old Django site updating? Have a Django site that needs some TLC to keep it running? Need some help with architecture and spaghetti code?

Let's have a chat, https://savvycal.com/softwarecrafts

SEEKING WORK | Worldwide | Remote

I’m a proficient Technical, Business, and Finance content Writer seeking new clients.

I have 5+ years of experience in professional writing. I run a tech/finance blog -- https://thetechee.com/ -- and enjoy writing for others too.

I also have an extensive technical and business writing portfolio, here are some samples; https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1khx1atr-sX1cHrhAj0lw...

Rate is $0.10 per word. If interested, reach me at chisom4best@gmail.com.

SEEKING WORK | SF Bay Area, CA | Remote OK

Hi HN, I'm Andrew. I deploy and scale ML and scientific workflows.

Recent projects include:

• Translating R to Python

• Productionizing R and Python notebooks

• Porting between pandas, polars, spark

• Implementing algorithms from research papers

• Multithread and multi-node scaling of algorithms

About my work:

• Past clients include Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, adept.ai, HackerOne, NZ Met Service

• I run gpxz.io, a Saas providing elevation data to the aviation and natural hazard industries

• 10+ years experience with scientific Python and R

• MS in mathematics

Please get in touch via andrew@ajnisbet.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajnisbet with some information about your project, from there we can set up a call to talk in more detail!


14+ years experience with Platform, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering. CKAD certified.

  • Clouds: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Platforms: Linux, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Infra: Terraform, Ansible, ArgoCD, CloudFormation
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Fluentd
  • Virtualization: KVM/Libvirt, Vagrant
  • Network: LDAP, DNS, OpenVPN
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, MySQL
  • Programming languages: Python, C/C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, Shell
  • Others: Git, LXC, Nginx, NFS, Ceph, Samba, SELinux, AppArmor, Selenium, Puppeteer
  Résumé/CV: Available upon request
  Email: hn@jiuus.com

SEEKING WORK | London | Remote (US/EU timezones)

I run a boutique software development studio, where I focus on helping startups get their MVP off the ground, or assisting companies with more intricate and involved development tasks. I'm particularly geared towards projects which involve more complex interactivity or problem-solving.

Clients come to me when they want more than a copy/paste solution, as I take the time to understand their business and goals in detail, collaborating with them to deliver something highly tailored to their precise needs.

More info / portfolio / contact: https://devbeat.co.uk


SEEKING WORK | Malaysia | Remote (GMT+8)

I help new to existing business owners build a better looking face for their company.

Since 2008, I started with no experience to a self-taught designer to improve style and the looks of businesses around the world. I have worked with numerous startups & businesses such as Notedock, VideoReviewLabs, Synup, Captivation Software, Eksdyne, Aviation, & KPAway Skincare, and more.


· Logo Design

· Social Media Kit


Portfolio: https://terencethien.co

Instagram: @terencethien

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terencethien/

Contact: thienforge@gmail.com (24/7)


- Email: divyeshpar2496@gmail.com

- LinkedIn: https://2ly.link/1yhPt

- GitHub: https://github.com/tapudp

Full-stack engineer with close to 8 years of experience to build, to architect web and mobile apps.



- Javascript-Typescript,

- Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js

- React.js, Redux, MobX, HTML5, CSS,

- MySQL-PostgreSQL, Google Firebase,

- Next.js, GraphQL, React-native, React-native-web,

- Python, webRTC, webSockets.

- unit, E2E-test with Jest, chai and mocha,

- Docker, AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Cloudfront, IAM, Ec2. ---

SEEKING WORK | Austin, TX or remote

10+ years experience in python, both scientific (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels, jupyter) and web backend (django, flask, sqlalchemy). Also experienced in R (experiment design, linear and nonlinear analysis, graphic presentation of data). Previous experience in experimental design and analysis when I was a manufacturing engineer in semiconductors. Able to work W2 or 1099, remote or in-person (as long as it's in Austin). Willing to do full or part-time.


SEEKING WORK - remote (updated!), email in profile.

Location: West coast Canada.

Remote: Yes.

Technologies: Machine learning, Python, Tensorflow/Keras/pytorch, A whole host of technologies over 25 year career.

I'm an experienced Data scientist, who's worked on a bunch of interesting projects. With Covid I've come to realize I need to work in public more often.

So an ideal fit would be a small/medium company with hair on fire problems that need solving that I can talk about publicly. What sort of problems do I like?

I worked with a Stuttgart based auto manufacturer to identify and predict when a part they had would fail. It turns out the answer will be familiar to west coast Canadians - The leaky condo crisis.

I worked with a well known cloud vendor to predict server failiures. Built a few test approaches (DL, anomoly detection, clustering, etc) and went with a simple efficient one that worked well. They got several minutes warning to load shift before a server failed.

A Taxi company in latam hired me to built a fleet maintenance system. It predicted and scheduled preventative maintenance to reduce wear and tear and avoid breakdowns. We also identified the leading cause of wear - leadfoot drivers. So we built a system that would identify aggressive driving.

Another example was a speculative sports highlights annotation system I built with a consultancy. It ingested sports video and identified predetermined highlights in baseball - diving catches in our case.

Who shouldn't contact me.

If your market is Ads or gambling I'm not interested. Sure there's lot of money, but I'd rather sleep at night. Thanks.

What I'm working on right now:

ML for metabolic flux anaylsis - Predicting how metabolic networks consume and produce metabolites. Particulalry useful for potentially starving cancers.

Low compute AI and connecting them to interpretable and defensible knowledge bases. I think these huge models that cost millions to train are the wrong path. I'll show things in public in time.

SEEKING WORK | remote, Stuttgart area, Germany | Python full-stack developer

I've worked for 15 years as a freelance Python/Django developer, in projects both big and small. I've created entire projects myself, including front-end and hosting; and I've integrated in teams in roles ranging from team lead to devops specialist. I have worked with Python, Django, numpy, SQL, JS and Typescript, Angular, Java, C++, Jenkins, k8s, and most everything in-between; in recent years I've started doing work on LLMs and GenAI in general.

If you have an interesting project, email me at j@spielmannsolutions.com and we'll talk!


Web Dev | Info Sec | Penetration Testing | Technical writing

Location: Maputo/Mozambique

Tech: Python, php, Java, Ruby, JS

Languages: Fluent(Portuguese/English)

Cv: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10z8XcphuBHguTsOGBjTNPh9ceDF...

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joão-muconto-622380273

Email: j.muconto(at)gmail.com


Website: https://zenticsoftware.com

  Technologies: GoLang, Python, C++, Rust, JS, AWS, React, Unreal Engine, Houdini
  DevOps: Ansible, Terraform, Docker, DroneCI, Kubernetes
Providing Software Engineering services tailored for your success:

- Custom desktop / web application development

- Distributed computing backends

- DevOps pipelines

- Unreal Engine development

- Houdini artwork pipelines

Whether you need a complex enterprise system or a simple web application, we would be happy to help.

Please contact us for a free consultation call.

SEEKING FREELANCER | REMOTE (but bonus points if you live in Berlin)

10-15 contract hours per week

React, Typescript, Next.js, Supabase, GraphQL

No agencies

Tipsiti is a travel directory focused on more authentic local recommendations.

Comprehensive information with tech stack, example projects, etc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XG1R0Tyw9e2vyX-SRfHBjFP_...

Please email me (philip@tipsiti.com), with your website, some live projects you've worked on, and very brief answers to the questions in the above doc. Thank you.

SEEKING WORK | Boston | Remote

Product focused senior software engineer/team lead with 9 years of experience, including a small startup acquisition by Amazon. Can lead and manage projects.

Skills: React, React Native, JavaScript, Typescript, Next.js, Expo

Resume/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E0fdbhWZRkSDc0jEK1er-GV4H4H...

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/bradydowling

Email: bradydowling@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Arkansas, USA

Hi, Logram here! We're a US-based duo doing web app/API development. Helping early to mid-stage startups build a solid foundation is our bread and butter. We're available for short or long-term contracts working independently or integrated into your team.


Schedule Call: https://calendar.app.google/QHPJj1eve1ZTdewk7

Email: hi@logram.io

Site: https://logram.io

Availability: As needed

Services: Web/API development, staff augmentation

Technologies: C#, Python, TypeScript, Vue, Tailwind, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Canada

Hi, my name is Bohdan Martyniuk. I'm a full stack developer with a primary focus on UI, based in Ontario, Canada. I'm available for short or long-term contracts.


Email: bohdan.martyniuk19@gmail.com

Portfolio: https://bohdanmartyniuk.com

GitHub: https://github.com/Bohdan08?tab=repositories

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML, CSS/SASS

Technologies: React, Next.js, Redux, Tailwind, Node.js, Firebase, Redis

SEEKING WORK | Remote Work | Worldwide Availability (EU-based)

Strong fullstack software engineer with 20+ years of experience. Stack: Kafka, K8, AWS/Azure, Postgres, API design. Very experienced on JVM optimization and perf tuning.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No, flex on travel

Technologies: Java, Kotlin, React, Spring, REST, SQL, Kafka, Kubernetes, event-driven architecture

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ishipsoftware

Github: https://github.com/luciano-fiandesio

Email: luciano@fiandesio.com

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Product Designer | US, Europe, Asia | Remote


Project walkthrough: https://tinyurl.com/5xw3pym9

More projects: https://raigo.design/index

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raigolilleberg/

Email: hi@raigo.design


Keywords: Product, Design System, Design Process, Analysis, Design/Accessibility, Design Audit, Design Consultancy, Startups, B2B/B2C, Figma

Location: US, Europe, Asia

Remote: Yes

Relocate: Occasional in-person fly-over / Negotiable

Seeking: Freelance/Contract, Long-term

Availability: Flexible to start now

Interest in: Health, Wellness, Personal growth, Science and Tech with Gen-AI


Freelance designer (and consultant), specialising in on brand digital experiences and end-to-end design processes (and systems) with a practical understanding of both business and front-end development. Self-taught. Worked with startups and companies of various sizes, stages and teams in Europe and the US.

Based in Europe (EU) within UTC (London) time zone, flexible to overlap up to 4 hours with other time zones. Work mainly remotely, but (in case of need) open to discuss occasional in-person visits and possible relocation in the later phase.

Invoice through my company (registered in Estonia, EU), either project based fixed or weekly-monthly based rate – whatever makes most sense.


Thank you for your time, till soon!

Raigo Lilleberg



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Data Engineer with 10+ years of experience seeking freelance opportunities in the US or similar time zones.

Location: Berlin, Germany; American citizen.

Technologies: SQL, Kafka, AWS, GCP, BigQuery, Python, pandas, polars, DuckDb, database design, airflow, building robust fault tolerant data pipelines and more…

Résumé/CV: https://gigatexal.blog/pages/the-ideal-data-engineering-resu... Email: Alex at alexandar narayan (no spaces) dot com

Payment: gusto.com or other arrangements

Rate: negotiable based on your budget and the project

SEEKING WORK | France | Remote & Onsite in Toulouse

+15 years of production experience with Python, both web dev and data processing

+4 years of production experience with Elixir as a developer and team lead

+20 years with Linux

What I have been doing a lot over the last 10 years is helping data science teams with technical "chores" such as architecture, debugging, packaging and deployment. So if you've got a bunch of PhDs doing clever stuff with Python but struggling to produce reliable software, I may be able to help.

I'd also be interested in working with Elixir again.

Please get in touch at contact@alexmarandon.com and I'll send you my detailed CV.

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | US/Europe/Asia | Python, Django, React, DevOps

We are a newly found software development agency that's specializing in creating custom-tailored software for companies with deadlines. Most of our experience is in applications in the real estate, event management, booking and banking industries.

You can learn more about us on our website: https://majikode.com/

If you're interested in working together, let me know directly: kamil.marut@majikode.com

SEEKING WORK - Contract, Remote, US based, backend engineer

I am a backend expert, having built and maintained highly available systems for several companies over the last 9 years, in addition to over 20 total years of software development experience. I learn new things extremely quickly.

You will like working with me because I:

     * hold your goals as my priorities
     * communicate verbosely yet synthesize well
     * my rates are reasonable in exchange for the value I deliver
     * I guarantee I will get the job done
Concrete examples:

* built the streaming data architecture for realtime game player information and game stats for one of the top 3 US sports leagues (can’t name drop!) using Redpanda/Kafka on Azure+Terraform, and implemented its developer portal using Gravitee to provide first class streaming API support and monetization. Also built, deployed and maintained their ask-a-question-get-a-true-answer AI bot to expose 20+ years of stats to natural language fan questions!

* Implemented a vector DB for one of the leading AI image hallucination platforms (millions of users) to provide an image similarity service.

* replatformed dozens of jobs to AWS Lambda for a startup hedge fund, vastly improving QoS and maintenance cost. Line 1 to platform-in-prod time 3 months.

* built a ~50 node, AWS, Dockerized, Terraform-deployed distributed system to provide realtime, transformed trade data from crypto exchanges to a Kafka pipeline and data lake (fodder for an analytics platform). Met 5000msec SLA across arbitrarily many exchanges and ticker symbols. Blue-green deployment for complete CICD safety. Cloudwatch metrics proved SLA was met and provided general system oversight.

* built a framework to collapse dozens of singleton ETL programs into one config-driven, simple C# application performing the same functionality at ~80% reduction in maintenance cost year over year.

Contact: jon.north@adiuvat-consulting.com More: www.adiuvat.io

Keywords: Python, C++, R, SQL, NoSQL, Go, Golang, AWS, Azure, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Docker, Git, SVN, Subversion, Linux, Windows, Bash, Kafka, Terraform, Redis, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, LDAP, Active Directory, OAuth2


Versatile software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and 13+ years of industry experience. Adept at transforming creative ideas and business requirements into practical solutions and high quality products and services. This includes web and desktop applications, data pipelines, data visualizations, technical content (coding challenges, quizzes, tutorials), etc. Available for project work and retainer agreements. Contact via www.linkedin.com/in/georgetanev or georgejazzt@gmail.com.


Calgary or REMOTE | Contractor | Full-stack, Front-end, sysadmin, DevOps, Prod Support

• Worked with customers in USA and Canada

• TypeScript, React, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Rust

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvesdorfsman/

• website and contacts: https://yves.zioup.com

• misc: Focused on web technologies (front-end, full-stack, edge), with an extensive experience in UNIX and Linux sysadmin, clouds, DevOps, and Technical Support.

SEEKING WORK* - remote

Location: Florida Space Coast

Remote: Yes.

Technologies: Machine learning, Python, pytorch, A whole host of technologies over 25 year career.

*Will work for free. Yes, that’s right. See below for details.

I'm an experienced Data scientist, who's worked on a bunch of interesting projects from hedge fund to bioinformatics to routine office automations.

So I tried early retirement for the past few years but it didn’t stick. I decided I’m willing to work for free on the right project to get back up to speed. Ideally anything from a 4-10 hour project. But will discuss larger projects as well.


SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote

I'm a freelance consultant specializing in document processing.

Currently building LLM + RAG apps.

If you're interested in a "chat with your PDFs" app, I can help.

I can also help with:

  - Extraction of data from PDF documents (structured, semi-structured, unstructured)
  - OCR projects
  - Table detection/recognition
  - Document classification
  - Document splitting
  - PDF workflow automation
Email: superdocsio@gmail.com

Web: https://superdocs.io


Backend High Performance Computing, Systems programming, backend specialist C++, C, Rust, Go, Java, Zig, Python, Lua, Postgres, KDB+, QuestDB

Specializing in high performance backend system that need to run fast and smart. Solid knowledge of computer architecture, database internals, Networking (TCP / UDP on epoll / io_uring / XDP), and OS fundamentals.

GitHub: http://github.com/jnordwick

email: jnordwick@proton.me

FREELANCER | SEEKING WORK | Remote Work | Worldwide Availability (EU-based) Senior fullstack software engineer with 20+ years of experience searching for new Elixir/Phoenix opportunities.

Smiley days to you!

Location: Växjö, Sweden

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Tech Stack: Elixir, Phoenix, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, SQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, Terraform

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanmattisson/

Email: johan.mattisson+hn [at] 111solutions.se


Specialized in ReactJS, React Native, Python and Ruby on Rails technologies. We prefer to work on medium size projects and close to business outcome.

Tech Stack: AWS, Bedrock, Amplify, AppSync, ReactJS, NextJS, Gatsby, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Langchain, HuggingFace

- Email: osledy@alamedadev.com

- Web: https://alamedadev.com

SEEKING WORK - Chicago, IL - Remote


– visionOS, iOS, watchOS, and macOS Swift/SwiftUI Development

– Augmented Reality & Spatial Computing Development (ARKit, RealityKit, Reality Composer Pro, Shader Graph, SceneKit, Object Capture, Metal, Vision, RealityKit Postprocessing, LiDAR scene reconstruction, hand and finger-recognition AR controls, world tracking, body tracking, face tracking, image saliency analysis, semantic segmentation, depth estimation, Speech, Natural Language, shaders, custom CoreML models, Create ML)

I specialize in developing augmented reality & spatial computing iOS/visionOS apps. Several of my apps were handpicked and featured worldwide by Apple. I worked with Walmart on an internal computer vision product. I developed an iOS open-source WebXR browser with Mozilla. An AR startup I developed for had their app demoed by Tim Cook on HBO's Axios show. I've built augmented reality, photogrammetry, music, travel, ecommerce, social, gaming, SDK, messaging, computer vision, developer, lending, consumer, enterprise video conferencing, construction/architecture, workout, and location-based products.

Experience with: Swift, Vision Pro, ARKit, SwiftUI, RealityKit, SwiftData, RoomPlan, Reality Composer Pro, SceneKit, Object Capture, Photogrammetry, CoreML, Create ML, Spline, OpenAI API, Metal, Combine, iMessage extensions, Firebase, Firestore, Vision, Speech, Natural Language, WorkoutKit, Stripe, Sketch, Wireframing, UX, and SQL

Website: https://1984.dev

Email: tony@1984.dev

visionOS Blog: https://vision.engineer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/atmorales0/

Clients: Walmart, Carnegie Mellon University, Hyper, Makeshift Studios, Remotion, Supermedium, Mozilla, Hopper, Mask Market, Tempus Ex, Virtruvia, iScape, NudgeTV, Hillside Software

My clients' investors: Y Combinator, DARPA, A16Z, Greylock, First Round

If you have any questions or you want to get a conversation started: Shoot me a message & let's talk!


Fractional CTO / Consulting CTO

Are you a startup looking for help in shaping your IT team and technology direction? Are you an established company seeking to modernise your infrastructure but without throwing everything out?

I can help. I am a highly experienced consulting CTO with a unique, hands-on approach to technology and software engineering.

As CTO, I build and run highly effective teams, delivering results under high-pressure business conditions. I am technically very hands-on, so I always know that what my team is building will work. My leadership ability is backed by 30 years of experience in all areas of IT, but especially in architecture, systems engineering, DevOps and development.

As a software engineer and architect, I have a knack for building complex systems that work efficiently and reliably. I model systems and processes in a way that accounts for all the business requirements as well as the concerns of stability, performance, HA and long-term operations. I particularly specialise in large-scale, complex, data-driven workloads on Azure and AWS.


  * 25 years management experience, from team leader to CTO/CIO to CEO/MD
  * 15+ years AWS and Azure cloud experience - architecture, development, delivery, operations - in single-cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud and global cloud models.
  * 30 years systems engineering and DevOps experience, from bare-metal to Kubernetes, from IaaS to PaaS. All major CI/CD, automation, IaC, logging and monitoring tools.
  * 22+ years Java enterprise development and architecture experience; 20+ years Python development; 10 years C/C++
  * 25 years experience in numerous data technologies, from RDBMes to data warehouses to NoSQL databases
  * 15 years experience (complete lifecycle: architecture, administration, engineering, installation, deployment, operations) with numerous Big Data technologies, including Kafka, Storm, Spark, Redis, Mongo, ElasticSearch and the Hadoop family.
Contact me via https://www.nonstopops.io/?sid=hnf2406 or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lajosm/.

SEEKING WORK , Japan, Remote Only

A full-stack developer with 15+ years of experience. Have been working for domestic (Japan), Europe- and US-based companies.

Specialized to security, but currently eager to work on projects that involves LLM and RAG application and/or JS meta frameworks like Next or Svelte Kit.

For my resume and availability, send a blank email to resume[@]tnzk.org. You’ll receive an auto-reply with my resume.

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | WordPress/WooCommerce developer

• Location: Georgia (Middle Asia)

• Remote: Yes, I’m self-employed and work remotely.

• Site: https://artemavv.github.io

I have been maintaining various WordPress and WooCommerce sites/plugins for 7+ years. If you need a custom plugin, or some feature for your WordPress site, or tweaks in a WooCommerce store setup, I can do it for you. I'm also open for pure PHP coding!


DC Refers is a non-profit that helps people of modest means (200-400% poverty line) find affordable legal representation.

We've built out a custom Django app at dcrefers.org.

We are looking for a freelancer for 3-6 months to help us open source the website and build out new functionality including better reporting, OpenAI integrations, and easier customization by non-technical staff.

If interested, please email me at dgreisen@dcrefers.org with `[dev]` in the subject line.

SEEKING WORK, USA, Remote or Northwest Arkansas

Over 20 years of experience in web development. Have built multiple B2B products from scratch, serving tens of thousands of users

Tech stacks: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node, React, Next, Remix, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, Fly, Vercel

Can serve as a hired gun, interim CTO, product owner

More info: https://djscruggs.com/

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Worldwide

My specialty: software modernization and improvement through meticulous, gradual, non-breaking rewriting.

If you see one of your neglected-yet-important internal apps/tools/services degrading over time, engineers avoiding to touch it (or frequently suggesting to rewrite it from scratch) while users struggle in frustration — you will certainly benefit from my services.


SEEKING WORK | Machine learning / Data science | Remote (Israel) | 10-20 hrs/week

Machine learning research engineer with strong software dev background. Excited about:

* Algorithms and optimizations

* Computer vision

* Translating experts’ domain knowledge and intuition into concrete methods and metrics

* Finding patterns in behavior

* Creating interactive visualizations to explore complex data and interactions

https://andersource.dev | daniel@andersource.dev


LLM Solutions provides advisory and implementation services for everything LLM-related. We have developed novel approaches for leveraging LLMs against problems such as text classification, named entity recognition, semantic search and retrieval, and question/answer systems. If you have needs beyond typical "prompt engineering" and RAG-based systems, feel free to reach out.

Email: hello@llmsolutions.ai


I am a 15+ year experienced developer.

I am highly skilled at the intersection of Python, Data, and Web development.

Skills: Django, FastAPI, htmx, jQuery, a bit of React, PostgreSQL, DuckDB, ClickHouse, Pandas, Ansible, Nginx, Linux, Docker

I am open to part-time or full-time contract work, with a preference for long-term engagements, though I can begin with short-term projects. My goal is to cultivate lasting business relationships through each project

  Location: San Francisco
  Remote: remote/hybrid/in-office
  Willing to relocate: no
  Technologies: full stack engineer, JavaScript, node.js, Python, html/css, React and other modern web frameworks
  Résumé/CV: on request 
  Email: charles@geuis.com
  Github: https://github.com/geuis
  LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/geuis


Senior Ruby Developer with ~9 years experience, 5 as a contractor, working with public, private and non-profit sectors.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, React, Postgres, RSpec, AWS, Heroku

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spencerldixon/

Open to all kinds of projects, reach out via linkedin or email spencerlloyddixon[at]gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote Work | Worldwide Availability (EU-based)

Technologies: Kotlin (Android), Python (Django), Java, Dart (Flutter), Stripe, FHIR

About Me: Formerly at Google, 10+ years of professional experience in software engineering, passionate about software & tech

Contact: myerou {at} paleblueapps.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/myerou

SEEKING WORK || USA registered co-op, remote OK Tech: JS/TS/Node/Python/Ruby/Rails/PHP, React/Vue/Astro/Nextjs/etc. Android / iOS. Devops, site reliability. ML, AI, Computer Vision. Cryptocurrency / Blockchain. Gamedev. Java / Spring.

I'm a member of the software engineering co-op 508.dev LLC. We're niche-specialized developers that as a team for previous clients have built a cryptocurrency trading tool, took over maintenance and feature development for a company's web sales app, and project managed, architected, and built from scratch an entire SASS frontend for a Ycombinator startup (cofactr.com). I'm posting on behalf of the team to avoid spam.

Our site is https://508.dev. My personal resume as the founder and lead engineer is https://calebjay.com/resume.html. Members can be viewed at https://508.dev/members

Several members have time for full time projects, but are also happy to take a look at smaller or short-term needs, including consultancy, upgrades, or filling a dev team's gaps. There's no minimum team or project size (for now) - if you just need one dev for a little bit, let us know! We're a group of engineers constantly teaching and upskilling eachother, and love to talk about how we can help clients solve problems :)

Happy to chat about work you need doing, joining our team, our somewhat unique structure as a co-op, or whatever else, at caleb@508.dev. I actually really like chatting so hit me on email about literally whatever.

If you're an engineer that is disciplined in personal time management and improving your abilities as an engineer, and enjoy working on FOSS projects with people as passionate as you, we're always considering new applicants! Check out our values, then email us :) https://508.dev/join

(note, I see that the whoishiring thread description now includes "agencies... etc are off topic." As a co-op we are a worker-owned organization of freelancers and thus don't feel we are an "agency" or similar, however I understand if the mods disagree, happy to delete or discuss further)

SEEKING WORK - Mexico - Remote

Cannot do full time ATM (unless you have a really interesting proposal), but mostly looking for a few hours per week (10-20).

Technologies: Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, Tailwind CSS for fullstack apps. Vue 3, and TypeScript for SPAs.

Résumé/CV: https://lobotuerto.com/about/cv

Email: adriandcs@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Europe | Remote (CEST/ET/PT Timezones)

Django expert and DevOps with 13 years of experience looking for a full time / part time work.


  Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI
  React, Next.js, React Native, GraphQL
  Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS, GC, Azure
  Airflow, Flink / PyFlink
Email: michal@michallech.info

Ping me with what you need help with and let's chat!


AWS expert(6x AWS Certified) with over 10 years of experience seeking short-term or long-term engagements. I offer monthly DevOps and AWS support at a fixed price.

• DevOps/Cloud Management

• Cloud Architecture

• Infrastructure as Code(CDK)

• Cost Optimization

• HIPAA/SOC2 Audit Readiness



SEEKING WORK | REMOTE | Worldwide availability (EU based)

Technologies: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Dart, Java, Python (Django), Docker, Stripe, Vue.js, Compose Multiplatform, KMP, FHIR

Small team (4). Worked in top-tier companies (Google, Amazon). We develop custom software solutions for enterprises, including mobile and web applications.

Contact: info {at} paleblueapps.com

SEEKING WORK | UX/UI & web design

Portfolio: https://www.seanw.org/

Live example project: https://www.checkbot.io/

Location: Edinburgh, UK and remote (I’m used to time zone differences and async work)


I help startups with the UX/UI and web design of their products. This includes web apps, websites, landing pages, screenshots and copywriting, and I can assist with frontend development where needed. My background as a tech startup founder and full stack developer helps me create practical design solutions that balance usability, aesthetics, development effort and performance. I work to fixed price quotes when projects are self-contained.


The best live example of my work is Checkbot (https://www.checkbot.io/), a browser extension that tests websites for SEO, speed and performance problems. The entire project is my own work including coding the extension itself, UX/UI design, website design (the homepage is optimised to load in 0.7 seconds, 0.3MB data transferred), website copy, and website articles on web best practices.

[ Rated 4.9/5, 50K+ active users, 100s of paying subscribers ]


I have 10+ years of experience, including a PhD in software verification and 5+ years working for myself helping over 20 companies including Just Eat, Triumph Motorcycles and Fogbender (YC W22). See my website for testimonials, portfolio and more:


Skills: Figma, Sketch, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, Hugo, Jekyll, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, OCaml, Java, Python, C, analytics, website SEO/speed optimisation.

Note: For larger projects, I usually have my partner assist alongside me in the background (I’m working towards starting a design studio with her in the future).


Email sw@seanw.org with a short description of 1) your project 2) how you think I can help 3) the business outcome you’re looking for and 4) any deadlines. I can get back to you in one working day to arrange a call to discuss a quote and how we can work together.

SEEKING WORK | KENYA | REMOTE | Willing to relocate: YES

Technologies: Java, Python, JavaScript

Website: https://crepant.com

Email: frank[at]crepant[dot]com

Currently consulting and doing freelance work using technologies like NextJS, React, Flask/FastAPI, and Wordpress to build web apps for clients.

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Full-Stack Developer | Canada-based

Stop spending money on low quality offshore developers

Hi HN,

I'm a Full-Stack engineer with over 8 years of experience, most notably as an engineer at Amazon (FAANG) and a development lead at a well-respected San Francisco venture studio. I specialize in early-stage product development and have a strong background in TypeScript, Python, AWS, React/Next.js.


Front-End: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Javascript, Web3.js/Ether.js, Tailwind CSS, HTLM Back-End: Python, Django/Flask, Node.js, Express.js, AWS Lambda, AppSync, DynamoDB, Postgres, MondoDB, Smart contracts, Ethereum, Solidity Other: AWS CDK, GraphQL, Redux, Docker, Kubernetes


Email: aleksandar@devnicians.com Portfolio: https://contra.com/sasha_savic_dhd020vh LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandar-savic1231/ GitHub: https://github.com/Aleksandar1231

Looking forward to collaborating on exciting projects!

Best, Aleksandar Savic

Seeking Work | New York / Remote

I offer rapid MVP development https://ellispinsky.com/work/

I am also open to interesting product-focused development work

Reach out if I could be of help! Happy to give advice / help brainstorm free of charge

SEEKING WORK | California | Remote

Hello, I'm Eugene - Senior PHP developer 15+ years experience

- voznesen@gmail.com

- Solution architecture, design, development, maintenance, tests, performance, scaling, MVP, prototype, prod support, tech leadership, server side

- Laravel, MySQL, Git, Jenkins, Couchbase, Blackfire, Javascript, Redis, AWS


Application Developer with over a decade of experience.

* Native application development for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

* Backend services in Go

* Creating and/or integrating APIs/SDKs

* TV/Video applications on all platforms (Apple, Android, Amazon, Roku)

Extensive experience building products and platforms from the ground up.

Email: info at squirrelpointstudios dot com


I'm looking for opportunities to work with uncommon/obscure technologies/domains.

Location: Ho Chi Minh city

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python {Deal, Hypothesis, pybind11, ctypes}, Nix (contributed several packages), Rust {nom, tokio, serde}, Erlang {Cowboy, PropEr}, Haskell {QuickCheck}

Résumé/CV: Available on request

Email: giang.nghg@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - (WORLDWIDE availability) - Remote Technologies: iOS (Swift), KMM, Android, Python (Django), Stripe Super-short bio: 13+ years of professional software engineering experience Email: mmavris{at}paleblueapps.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Frontend Angular Developer and Ionic Developer Expert

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, RxJS, Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Capacitor

Résumé/CV: https://nunoarruda.com/resume.pdf

Email: nuno@nunoarruda.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | Web applications - React, Svelte, Node.js

Fully remote work. UTC+0 to UTC+8 time-zones only.

Both junior and senior positions available.

Please contact mambokinoki on Discord (send a friend request) WITH your Github account.

I'm searching for a Freelancer for small fixed price (to be agreed) work.

You should have experience in swift and swiftui, and preferably have worked on MacOS applications.

contact: {username}@turquoisehexagon.co.uk

SEEKING WORK | Edinburgh, Scotland | REMOTE

Well versed in python and javascript, but capable in other languages as well (have deployed Java/Golang/C/Dart recently). I've recently been working in privacy/security, had a long stint at a global non-profit working on combating disinformation. I've recently been a paid contributor on the open-source project Zulip doing Flutter.

I've been big on python testing lately. I've implemented testing for large python projects at two companies now, bringing them from 0% coverage to 100% coverage. I'm experienced in mocking tools to isolate components for testing, make tests deterministic, and remove the need for networking (who wants to run tests that rely on third party things).

Commonly found using Django but not restricted to that. Lots of experience with modern react/vue as well as Flutter. I've been a remote worker for a decade now, so I had a track record of getting things done without direct supervision, and my remote work means my schedule is flexible for side projects. Set up to easily work with either US or UK entities.

contact: shu DOT chen AT freelancedreams DOT com

SEEKING WORK | 100% REMOTE (on-site travel possible) | Central Europe, timezone independent but living in UTC+1

Email: tinmarkoviccs (at) gmail.com

I'm a generalist and an opinionated software engineer with experience both in management and as an indepth technical designer, I am looking forward to work with you. If you need a larger team at your disposal, I can arrange that with my industry connections. I'm not looking for "cog in the machine coder" type positions :)

Leave me your contact if you'd utilize my help with:

- Large web API implementations

- Automatic code quality checks and processes

- Software Engineer management coaching or mentoring

- Process and scoping help (how to leave development hell)

- Large data streaming and processing systems

... and plenty other things, really. I am certain we can figure out a way to solve your issues in the way that _brings joy_.

I've got 8+ years of senior experience (leading and managing projects and teams). I've recently written code in Go, TS (& React), and Python (deployment and architecture included) with traditional stacks (Postgre, Redis, Kafka, etc. etc) and I'm comfortable with all the modern web tech-stack. I've got some past experience with C#, PHP, and all kinds of scripting languages. I pick up languages quite quickly, so that shouldn't be a problem, and I've got a working knowledge of most programming paradigms.

Reach out to me:

- via email at tinmarkoviccs (at) gmail.com

- via linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tin-markovic

Feel free to browse my web to learn more about me at https://tinthe.dev/ :)


Location: Liverpool, England

Remote: Yes (Remote only)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, SQL Server/MySQL/MongoDB/EventStoreDB/Redis, RabbitMQ/Kafka, CQRS/Event Sourcing, Azure/AWS.

Résumé/CV: https://cv.craigtp.co.uk

Email: craig [at] craigtp.co.uk

Hi. I'm Craig. I'm an experienced Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect and Microsoft Certified Professional with a passion for software development.

I work primarily, but not exclusively, with Microsoft technologies and the .NET / .NET Core frameworks, leading complex and challenging enterprise software development projects to successfully deliver robust, secure, scalable and efficient software solutions, encompassing over 20 years of experience in the field.

I'm passionate about distributed systems design, CQRS and event sourcing and a proponent of domain-driven design to ensure that solutions are laser-focused on solving real business problems. I'm an open source enthusiast and advocate using the best and most appropriate tools available, providing for an effective and pragmatic solution that delivers genuine and quantifiable business value.

Throughout my career I've helped numerous businesses of varying sizes in varying industries get their technology investment right and I can do the same for you.

Recent projects include:

+ Successfully lead a multi-team effort to re-engineer the core domain of a legacy monolithic application to a suite of well-designed, modern microservices utilising Domain-Driven Design, CQRS & Event Sourcing where appropriate for one of Africa's leading FinTech companies allowing them to scale their transaction processing from over 1 million active customers to over 10 million whilst simultaneously reducing their cloud spend by over 30%.

+ Successfully delivered large section of an ambitious project to re-engineer a number of monolithic applications to cloud-native, event-driven distributed services for a leading hospitality software provider as part of a company-wide effort to modernise entire software estate including training and mentoring staff on event-driven architecture and distributed system design.

+ Successfully designed & delivered large, global SaaS product to manage and automate music royalty collection and payment for one of the UK's largest and most demanding independent music publishers including full cloud geo-distribution & redundancy to ensure high availability & reliability for the worldwide client base.

+ Successfully lead project to develop industry leading anti-motor fraud web application and API with advanced OLAP & OLTP system and data warehouse including one of Europe's largest anti-fraud databases for a Top 40 UK law firm.

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