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YES! Thank you! I have been thinking about building this forever, but have never actually implemented it due to the fuzzy legal issues (read: it's totally illegal) and imminent shut down.

Love the interface. Love the simplicity. Love the graphics. Love the lack of [unnecessary] technical details and inclusion of details about the actual movie (rating, genre, summary, cover photo, etc).

Only thing I can think of to improve this is including a trailer on the download page. Yeah, IMDB is linked and that has trailers, but not quite as cool :) Also, related movies would be awesome.

Better trailers yes. Like maybe youtube search for movie_title + ' trailer' and embed the top result...

TMDb link to some trailers, but the quality is quite poor. We want a good solution or none at all.

Why not youtube? Against their terms?

The TMDb API links mostly to YouTube trailers. Of the ones I tried, 1/3 were online but 480p at best, 1/3 were simply offline, and 1/3 were unavailable due to country restrictions.

So, yeah, it's pretty bad. We've also looked into http://www.traileraddict.com/trailerapi but there doesn't seem to be any reliable way to get only trailers from there (you often have DVD bonuses, making of, etc.) and their embed is pretty messy.

If you find a better solution, let us know!

There is nothing illegal about this. It provides magnet links, so it is not even linking to the files themselves, they aren't hosting infringing content...

I wish you were right, but I don't think Johnny Law agrees with you.

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