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raised my eyebrows. Yes, it makes sense. But the `rel` attribute is not to be used lightly and values are not to be invented on a whim, because eventually the value can be defined for all sites, not just yours.

Without thoroughly researching it, it looks like `rel=internal` is not standardized. That means you should not use it!

Instead, consider:

  <a href="/page" data-push-state="push">Foo</a>

The data-* attributes are explicitly defined as open for your own invention and use.

Or `jQuery("a[href^='/']")` and you don't need extra attributes at all.

Great suggestion, thanks! I just updated the blog post with. I'll be happy to link to your site/twitter at the end of the post if you give me that information :)

Do you really never use relative URLs?

Author here. You are absolutely right! I just updated the blog post and used bcherry's solution. `rel="internal"` is indeed not standardized.

I love you for updating. It shows you take tech blogging as the serious responsibility it is! :)

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