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I recently built an entire application with licensed theater showtime data. The data is licensed by two companies in the USA, Tribune Media and Westworld Media. One or both of these companies will approach you should you scrape data from their affiliates. Eventful.com, for example, is a subscriber to the showtime data from Tribune media.

The application and company we built has since shut down for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the cost of licensing.

nickadams reply is completely spot on. Either license the data or go home.

nickadams is also spot on regarding the complexity of the interfaces to which you would need to integrate. The extraction, translation and loading of data is hugely problematic and time consuming. The providers data comes from theater owners and is therefore, by definition, inconsistent. Theater owners like to put marketing information into data fields on an inconsistent basis. For example, under Amenities will be "50% of on Tuesdays."

If you want to talk in greater depth about dealing with Movie showtime data, get back to me.

As for the grey area, believe what you want. nickadams and I are in perfect agreement on this subject. We've both been in the trenches and know the territory well.

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