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What key role did Meeker play in creating the first tech bubble?

Google page 179 "Hedgehogging" by Barton Biggs.

There's one whole chapter in that book that's an indictment of Meeker, Blodget, Quattrone, Glassman ( the Dow 36000 guy ) and the rest of the folks who supplied the oxygen for the previous bubble. And now Meeker's back...so that should signal something.

The key incident was the conference were Biggs was asked "Is the internet revolutionary ?".Biggs said "No". A collective boo from the audience. "Ok so what is revolutionary ?". Biggs thought for a while and said "The Air Conditioner. Without an AC, the entire south of the USA like the Carolinas, Florida & parts of Texas would remain unpopulated" Biggs was laughed at. A month later the Dow plunged 2000 points over a 2 month period. Fun times ;)

"Meeker's back" does not signal anything. She gives a similar presentation every year. http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/18/mary-meekers-2011-presentat...

He may have been right not to get caught in the bubble hype, but the internet has been revolutionary - sometimes literally.

She was one of the biggest proponents (maybe the originator?) of the 'eyeballs' valuations of internet companies.

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