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I'm a Perl weenie through and through, and I ask myself this every time I start a new project, because I know one reason I turn to Perl each time is because I am /fluent/. Hiring Perl developers is hard, Perl has some ugly bits, and it's far from 'cool', however:

DBIx::Class, Moose, Catalyst, Template Toolkit - these are a joy to work with. People seem to be just ok that they have Rails, bitch about Active Record, and honestly, just don't seem to love their tools.

TAP-based testing is awesome sauce. Ruby gets this so wrong with all tools checking return values of scripts + the occasional hacked together jUnit outputter. Even the testing tools stolen from Ruby (like Test::BDD::Cucumber (which I may have written)) use TAP and Perl's testing tools all the way down.

Finally: there's CPAN. It Just Works. I started off a Perl dev, and use of any other language's package system has just made me sad face.

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