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I know of ShutterStock (NYC) and Aruba Networks (Sunnyvale) (AirWave team only). AirWave was interesting, but I don't know what they're doing over there anymore since I left and there's been some management shakeups (some of which may have been positive). Shutterstock is where a former coworker went; he says it's snazzy and they just filed for IPO.

I also hear Blekko is all Perl (it's the dmoz directory-people making a search engine. it's got social-search-related features, too, or something like that.) Apparently they have some fancy sophisticated technology for their backend systems (store big bitfield indexes on SSDs with a disk-backed store for the rest, spread across dozens of nodes, etc.) But I don't know anyone actually working there.

If you have the initiative you can look up their job applications yourself :P

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