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I'm interested. I love Perl, and would love to work for a company that requires me to program in Perl. Care to share which companies are these?


If you're in Europe, the following companies always seem to be growing their (already large) Perl teams:

http://www.net-a-porter.com/ http://www.lovefilm.com/ http://www.photobox.co.uk/ http://www.booking.com/

Send me a CV and I can make sure it gets to the right people.

If you want to work with Perl, http://jobs.perl.org/ is always a good place to look.

I know of ShutterStock (NYC) and Aruba Networks (Sunnyvale) (AirWave team only). AirWave was interesting, but I don't know what they're doing over there anymore since I left and there's been some management shakeups (some of which may have been positive). Shutterstock is where a former coworker went; he says it's snazzy and they just filed for IPO.

I also hear Blekko is all Perl (it's the dmoz directory-people making a search engine. it's got social-search-related features, too, or something like that.) Apparently they have some fancy sophisticated technology for their backend systems (store big bitfield indexes on SSDs with a disk-backed store for the rest, spread across dozens of nodes, etc.) But I don't know anyone actually working there.

If you have the initiative you can look up their job applications yourself :P

Best Practical in Somerville, MA is looking for perl hackers: http://bestpractical.com/about/jobs.html#hacker

(I've been using their perl/mason based ticketing system, RT, for 5 years)

DuckDuckGo is Perl.


If you're in Los Angeles, check out http://perl.la/. I know my employer (oversee.net) is hiring, and I'm pretty sure many of the others on there are as well.

ZipRecruiter is also hiring perl programmers in Los Angeles (email in profile if anyone's interested).

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